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David Harvey
David Harvey, aikidoka.

Hello, my name is David Harvey, and this is my web site. In fact,¬†Gedanate.com is the first website I ever built. The name of it is the Japanese term for ‘low attack’ and this aikido throw is the fourth of the Atemi-waza group of techniques of Shodokan Aikido. It is a defensive martial art I have pursued and trained at for two decades (admittedly with some gaps). This website began as a site about Shodokan aikido.

Aikido as such was created by O-sensei, Morihei Ueshiba. And Tomiki Sensei was the master’s first student to be graded to Menkyo or master level. Kenji Tomiki sensei was also the manager of Morihei Ueshiba’s home dojo, now referred to as Aikikai. So there is a strong focus on Aikido in here because I know it better than the other martial arts and self defense systems I have trained with at different times.

Gradually I have added sections on self defense techniques and syetems and other martial arts. This should give you, the visitor, a chance to compare the pros and cons of different martial arts and fighting systems.  I also look at self defense methods and even a few self defense weapons and tools. I do not cover firearms on this site purely because most people outside the United States do not have access to guns for self defense.

I hope you enjoy these pages, and please feel free to leave a comment. Useful comments will be approved if they add value to the site, but spam comments will not get through.

Kind regards,

David Harvey