05 – Ushiroate (Aikido rear attack)

Shodokan Aikido Throw #5 (of 17), Randori-no-kata

The Ushiroate rear attack is where you, the defender, get behind your attacker and pull him backwards to the ground.
The Ushiroate rear attack is where you, the defender, get behind your attacker and pull him backwards to the ground.

Ushiroate is technique number 5 of the first five aikido throws in Shodokan Aikido. These first five aikido throws are called the Atemi Waza, the striking or attack techniques of Tomiki Aikido.

The Ushiroate aikido throw is one of the secret techniques of ancient Samurai Ju Jitsu. For when you get your timing right, you seem to disappear from the view of the person who is trying to attack you.

The avoidance movement in Ushiroate places you ‘magically’ behind your attacker… And from that position, you can easily throw him down and finish the encounter.

Becoming “invisible” in a fight is a pretty awesome secret technique. Ushiroate is a powerful aikido throw to have in your personal bag of tricks.

Ushiroate Check List

  • Face your attacker (Uke), right posture to his right posture.
  • As Uke lunges at you, get out of the way, by stepping quickly past Uke with your left leg.
  • Pivot to your right, like a bull-fighter, as Uke moves past you.
  • You are now standing behind Uke.
  • Place your fingertips over Uke’s shoulders for ushiroate and turn Uke’s upper body 90 degrees to his right (clockwise).
  • You continue your ushiroate movement clockwise, right behind Uke’s back, until you are almost standing shoulder-to-shoulder at Uke’s left.
  • Keeping your right foot forward, you pull Uke’s upper body strongly back upwards.
  • Move to Uke’s left, and push Uke’s shoulders to his right.
  • Lift Uke backwards and up high up into the air.
  • Uke is pulled powerfully backwards and does a back breakfall, slapping the mats and making sure his head does not hit the floor.

Aikido Video: Ushiro-ate video clip

David”s comments: Interesting to see aikidoka wearing the traditional hakama (Samurai baggy skirt-pants). I always wanted one when I was new to Aikido, but once I started training in Australia, none of my teachers (including Alan Higgs, Sensei, 6th Dan JAA) ever wore one. Neither do the top teachers at the Japan Aikido Association. So I guess I never will wear one now.

Hakamas do look cool, but I have been told they are a real pain to fold and look after!

Does anyone care to comment on that?

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