Randori no Kata (Junanahon no Kata) of Shodokan-style Aikido

The Basic 17 Aikido Throws and Holds of Shodokan (or Tomiki-style) Aikido

Shodokan Aikido technique
This Shodokan Aikido technique exerts pressure on the wrist and elbow to break Uke’s balance. He is then pushed face-down onto the ground, or the practice mat.

The Randori No Kata contains the first Aikido techniques you will be taught when you join a dojo which teaches Shodokan Aikido.

They will first teach you the Basic 17 Aikido Techniques, which are sometimes known as the Junanahon no Kata (or The Kata of 17).

All the Aikido techniques in the Randori no Kata were carefully selected by Professor Kenji Tomiki as being safe for freestyle-practise (Randori).

He started with 12 aikido throws… then 15, and later 17.

This aikido kata is divided into four progressive sections of Aikido techniques.

Click on each of the 17 links below to see a moving picture, and a step by step “how to” description, of each of these Tomiki Aikido techniques:

Group 1: Atemi Waza – (Aikido Attack Techniques)

01 – Shomenate (Aikido front attack)

02 – Aigamaeate (Aikido regular attack)

03 – Gyakugamaeate (Aikido reverse attack)

04 – Gedanate (Aikido low attack)

05 – Ushiroate (Aikido rear attack)

Group 2: Hiji Waza – (Aikido Elbow Techniques)

06 – Oshitaoshi (Aikido elbow control)

07 – Udegaeshi (Aikido elbow wind-up)

08 – Hikitaoshi (Aikido elbow pull-down)

09 – Udegarame (Aikido entangled arm twist)

10 – Wakigatame (Aikido side control elbow lock)

Group 3: Tebuki Waza – (Aikido Wrist Techniques)

11 – Kotehineri (Aikido rotated wrist throw)

12 – Kotegaeshi (Aikido bent-wrist throw)

13 – Tenkai-Kotehineri (Aikido reversed wrist rotation throw)

14 – Shihonage (Aikido’s “Four Directions” arm windup throw)

Group 4: Uki Waza – (Aikido Floating Techniques)

15 – Maeotoshi (Elbow-Bar aikido Throw)

16 – Sumiotoshi (Corner Drop aikido throw)

17 – Hikiotoshi (Pull-Drop aikido throw)


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