Hapkido Documentary

This brief documentary video was filmed in South Korea at the Jin Jung Kwan Hapkido headquarters. It explains the history and shows many of the training and fighting techniques of Jin Jung Kwan Hapkido.  You will see Hapkido black belts defending against different types of attacks and responding with punches, kicks, and throwing techniques. The finishes of the attacker vary from painful arm and leg locks to finishing strikes. This video is part of the Martial Arts of Korea DVD available from www.turtlepress.com

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    Yoga and Martial Arts combine to make a new fitness program

    Yoga and Martial Arts combine to make a new fitness program
    Yoga and Martial Arts combine to make a new fitness program.

    James Moore, master trainer and black belt martial arts instructor at the USA Martial Arts Leadership Academy, has partnered with Patricia Alonso, lead Yoga and Pilates instructor at Nava Jivana, to bring a diverse range of new fitness programs to the residents of Preston Hollow, Dallas, Texas.

    With both instructors bringing their unique understanding, training and professionalism to the sessions, these new classes, which include Power Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, Gentle Yoga Therapy, Pilates and Zumba, are fun and energetic but most of all enhance your wellbeing.

    Through its martial arts training (which includes Tae Kwon Do, Karate, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Judo and XMA) the USA Martial Arts Leadership Academy has been producing black belts, while sharpening the mind and strengthening the body & spirit of its students for over twenty four years.

    The Nava Jivana ~ Body & Mind Transformation Yoga studio promotes fitness and good health while awaking inner happiness and fostering a peaceful mind. For Patricia Alonso, Yoga is more than just about fitness, it is a way of life. Back in 2007, Mrs. Alonso was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, which led to a complete hysterectomy. After struggling with the post surgery hormonal treatments, Patricia turned solely to Yoga to help her recovery. Slowly, but surely, Yoga helped her body recover completely.

    “Yoga has been my own personal journey”, said Mrs. Alonso. “and I’m looking forward to sharing it with others.”

    The new classes are not only for seasoned yogis, but also to individuals new to yoga, and those looking for alternatives to help conditions such as menopause, arthritis, back pain, fibromyalgia, etc. Plus Patricia is bilingual which makes the classes friendly for Hispanics as well.

    As part of the new partnership, Nava Jivana will be offering specialized workshops and master classes thru the year. The first will be an Ashtanga workshop with international teacher Michael Gannon on May 7th and 8th as Michael kicks-off his 2011 US tour.

    About Patricia Alonso

    Patricia is a certified Yoga instructor and an NCAA certified professional personal trainer. She has trained widely including Shiva Rea, Bryan Kest, Suze Curtis, Frog Lotus and the Himalayan Institute.

    Web Site: http://www.navajivana.com

    Image via Wikipedia.

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