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Best self defense martial art for women and children?

My young children and I would like to learn a martial art for self defense. What is the best martial art for this? If there are no martial art classes in my area, does anyone know any step-by-step instructions on line somewhere? We just need to learn how to get out of a bad situation […]


How much are self defense courses and what type of non-leathal weapons are there?

(In the U.S) I’m young and I’ve been thinking about having my Mother and Sister take a self-defense course and then have them carry a non-lethal weapon (for self defense) in case anything were to happen. What are some self defense weapons other then tasers and stun guns? and how much would a self defense […]


What is a good self defense style for a disabled person?

Packing a firearm is good self-defense any place it’s allowed, but what to do when you travel abroad to places where guns are frowned upon?