Judo Champ Makes a New Career in Affiliate Marketing

Former Waitress And Judo Champ Becomes Champion Of Her Own Destiny

GotDot.com profiles Rene Tse, a former waitress and Judo champ, who hit bottom and climbed her way back to the top, achieving financial independence and glory.

A powerful Judo throw
A powerful Judo throw

At the age of just 17, Rene Tse went to Japan and trained with world champions, defeating a 28-year-old Canadian eight-times Black Belt Judo champ.

While training to be a Judo champ, Rene learned a valuable lesson thats really come in handy in her career…

If something doesn’t work, dont feel defeated, just try again and get back on your feet.

Apart from being a Judo Champ, Rene’s career has included stints in insurance working for Altamira, and as a bilingual customer service representative for various firms.

Being a Judo Champ doesn’t pay the bills.

When she got locked out of the job market in Vancouver, Canada, Rene worked as a waitress handling banquets and delis. This was, in her words, hitting the bottom.

At times Rene was so broke she barely had enough tip money (from waitressing) to pay for her laundry.

With the threat of becoming homeless looming over her shoulders, Rene looked for a way out, wanting not just a job, but financial freedom.

And Rene speaks like a Judo Champ too. She says, Just because you get flipped, its no reason to stay on the ground.

Rene explored various work-from-home jobs and learned about James Martell, an entrepreneur, and successful affiliate marketer with over 70 specialty shopping sites.

Martell is the author of the James Martells Affiliate Marketers Handbook.

She attended James Martells master mind class in Vancouver, which focused on how to do something that you really enjoy and turn that passion into a money-making opportunity.

The class opened the doors to a whole new way of life and career with affiliate marketing.

Rene says, Its the most amazing thing in my life. I felt practically homeless at one point, now the income just blows my mind. Martell doesn’t do classes any more, he teaches his system with this e-book.

Anyone can make a success with affiliate marketing. Listen to Renes story and youll learn how.

What is affiliate marketing?

By now most people have heard all about the success of Amazon.com. What they may not know is that Amazon spawned an Internet industry in 1996, by allowing independent website owners to earn commissions by referring paying customers to them. This is known as pay-for-performance-advertising, or affiliate programs.

With affiliate marketing, its important to remember there are three primary roles consisting of the merchant, the affiliate (publisher) and the third party (for example ClickBank, PayPal, eBay or Commission Junction).

The merchants (advertisers) pay a commission on sales generated by customers, which the affiliate (publisher) sends to their sites. Commission Junction (third party) pays affiliates on behalf of the merchants and provides a tracking system. The merchant handles all order processing, shipping, and customer service.

On average merchants pay commissions of 7-10%. Heres an example of the money-making potential, lets say: you have three web sites with a 100 visitors a day and a 1% conversion (equivalent to 3 conversions a day), thats equal to $110 U.S. per day ($30 cell + $50 satellite + $30 credit card). By the end of the month thats a return of $3300.

Visit Commission Junction to see a partial listing of their top-notch merchants offering affiliate programs.

Got Dot: How did you begin Affiliate Marketing?

Rene likens starting affiliate marketing to preparing for a Judo tournament. To get in shape, Rene closely followed the teachings of James Martell.

Rene says, The advantage of proven-training is that you can rest assured that if you follow the system, you will see results.

Got Dot: What is it like getting started?

In Judo, Rene used to do an exercise involving upwards of a 100 judo throws a day. Her commitment never wavered. The exercise had to get done. Tene has applied the same drive and precision to affiliate marketing.

Throughout most of 2002, Rene worked 12-16 hour days. Now shes working four hour days and the revenue stream is accelerating. Rene says, In four hours I work as hard as I used to in twelve hours.

Now, I look into ways to increase my productivity and automate the processes. For example: When Im building a new web site I look at ways to automate the keyword searches, so I can just crank out the content driven articles.

Keywords as explained in James Martells Affiliate Marketers Handbook are the search engine building blocks.

Marketing on the Internet is all about placement and being seen. To be successful you need the keywords people use for queries on the search engines, thats how your web site will be found.

Rene follows the same methods for web site construction developed by James Martell.

These principals are incorporated into Rene’s successful series of specialty shopping sites on topics such as: car loans, cell phones and credit cards.

In the midst of construction for a new site Rene says, Im like a baby looking at it through fresh eyes. I want to make the review articles really human, let the consumers know about the great alternatives, instead of just selling them.

Got Dot: What kind of financial goals did you set?

Rene’s first goal was financial independence, saying goodbye to uncertainty about the future. After achieving that, Rene set her sights on earning $10,000/month, which she obtained within 8-9 months.

For the next six months Rene wants to consistently bring in $20-30/k month, building one new web site a month.

Rene says, The moneys incredible. The sites are generating a 400% increase in revenue per month.

Got Dot: With work from home jobs, everyone talks about independence. Are there some other joys you have discovered?

Rene says, The residual income stream keeps coming in whether Im in front of the computer, or swimming, or going out to dinner.”

“Theres a real sense of satisfaction when you see that youve built a money-making machine. Its like having a black box in your basement thats printing money and every time you want to buy a dress or go out to dinner, you put money in your wallet.

Got Dot: What would you tell someone considering affiliate marketing?

What Rene mentions may sound drastic, but its rooted in sound logic. Consider becoming homeless for a day, driving in a traffic jam, looking at starving people barely surviving, or getting a boss from hell. Then ask yourself is that what you want out of life?

When the answers no and you hit rock bottom, the only place left is to climb to the top.

“Being in affiliate marketing is like Judo, you need to train hard, get in shape, and never waiver. Stay determined, keep your focus, and if you hit the ground get back up and keep running.”

Rene says, The best thing about affiliate marketing is theres no boss breathing down my neck and the income keeps on growing. And the glorys there, when Im on top of the search engines, Im the tournament champion.

Rene Tse followed a simple 8-step-system for affiliate marketing created by James Martell, entrepreneur, successful affiliate marketer, and developer of over 70 specialty shopping sites covering a wide range of topics. He is also in the business of teaching people who to create work at home jobs for themselves using affiliate programs and the Internet.

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  1. i signed up on amazon affiliate program last year and i can only earn 100 dollars amount from this affiliate program. i guess i need more traffic to earn more.

    1. Amazon has always been a very low payer… usually 3 percent or less of the sales you get for them! Isn’t that a bummer?

    1. You will be very lucky to make anything with Amazon. Their commission is 3% or less and he conversion rate is even more abysmal. Also, I gave up on their Omakaze advertisements. They were supposed read your pages and put up appropriate adverts all automatically, but they never seemed to pick anything that made sense. I have yet to see them show the right products. In my opinion, Amazon is waste of time, even when you select the products manually, one by one. Look for something else… There are thousands of possibilities, even Google Adsense is far better than Amazon.

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