Boxing for Self Defense

I am interested in learning boxing for self defense.

Is it hard for someone with no fighting experience to learn how to box?

How effective is boxing in a real confrontation, and how hard is it to learn?

Where do I go now to find out more?

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5 thoughts on “Boxing for Self Defense”

  1. Boxing is good for self defense its effective because it shows you how to punch how footwork affects your punching power and speed. If its hard to learn depends on how much effort you put into it.

  2. I agree, boxing is great for self defense learn to use range, footwork and proper punching mechanics. But its only one piece of the puzzle. If you want a complete self defense skill set, you’ve got to learn basic ground fighting, and most importantly how to get back to your feet once knocked down.

  3. Not sure how true it is but I’m told that martial artists only fear boxers as they get up again.
    I think it’s because they are more used to being hit.

  4. I think it all depends on your level of commitment and confidence. Boxing is a support that requires a ton of commitment because of all the mental and physical training involved. You’ll also have to have high confidence in yourself because it isn’t easy to step in the ring and fight another person regardless of what anyone says.
    .-= Erik@boxing tips´s last blog ..Basic Boxing Defense: Slipping Punches =-.

  5. Good comment, Eric. However you say ‘Boxing is a support…’ but I think you meant to say ‘Boxing is a sport…’ That makes more sense to me.

    But to Lyle, for your earlier comment… I’d say that martial artists respect boxers. Fear them? Sometimes, perhaps. But not as a blanket statement. You respect the guy because you know what he can do to you if you allow him… I’d say the feeling is likely to be very mutual, unless the other guy is absolutely sure you will be a pushover. Or a knock-over! :-)

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