Pressure Point Fighting – Does It Really Work?

I have always said that pressure point fighting is about striking and damaging vulnerable points on the human body. It is something that most serious artists learn about, to a greater or a lesser degree, depending on the type of martial art they train at. But the key here is training. Martial arts take time to train and hard work to learn and make the stuff your own. There is no magic bullet in martial arts or self defense. There is no Vulcan death pinch (a la Mister Spock of the original Star Trek TV series).

In this TV video clip, a news reporter goes to a martial arts studio to learn about Dim Mak, the famous Chinese Death Touch, which this teacher claims he is able to do. The man says he can even do a knockout blow without physically touching his target; instead he would use Chi power, he said. But when put to the test, for some inexplicable reason, it only seems to work on his own students…

See for yourself, below:

Like I have always said, there is no mystical or magical way to drop an opponent or attacker without touching him (or her). You either have to hurt them enough to stop them in their tracks, or you have to be skilled enough to evade their attack on you, throw them to the ground and capture them. Aikido teaches this and so does Judo and Jujutsu, and scores of other martial arts from all over the world. The catch is that it takes years of hard work and regular training to be able to do it.

And for all this skill and training, there is always going to be the chance that you can be taken by surprise and sucker punched or something. So there are no guarantees that you can win any fight.

That is why it is a mug’s game to willingly get into a fight with anybody. You should decline and walk away, or even run. It is no disgrace to use your brain. After all, consider just some of the possible worst-case scenarios if you do elect to fight.

You could kill or maim the other guy(s). So guess what? There will be consequences. The police may take you away. Your attacker and/or his friends and relatives may come and get you, or they may sue you in court… and they might win.

Or you could be killed or maimed for life.

If you think that’s worth it, well whoopee for you. You might win a victory of sorts, but then would you want to live with the knowledge that you did damage to someone when it wasn’t necessary in the first place? After all, nobody appointed you as Sheriff in the town, did they? And this isn’t the Wild West, or Hollywood either.

If you do ‘go for it’ then you must accept the consequences. And trust me, there will be consequences.

I think that would make you a fool, but that is my humble opinion. Perhaps you just need to calm yourself down and think things through properly. Remember, there are no short cuts in this world. Most good things have to be earned, the hard way. And that includes learning how to look after yourself, and feel good about yourself without being over-confident.

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