11 – Kotehineri (wrist push-down throw)

Kotehineri, Aikido Throw #11 (of 17), Randori-no-Kata

Kotehineri uses a wrist twist to push uke face-down to the ground.
Kotehineri uses a wrist twist to push uke face-down to the ground.

Kotehineri puts Uke down on his face, as Uke’s arm is being held when he is pushed down, and he cannot to a rolling breakfall.

Instead, Uke must use his free hand and forearm like a spring, a shock-absorber, to prevent his face from hitting the ground as he falls from the kotehineri throw.

Uke must use his neck muscles to keep his head back this time — up and away from the ground. (This is the same way a football player slides along the grass as his feet are grabbed when he is tackled.)

When I do the kotehineri aikido throw on someone, I imagine that I am ploughing up the ground with Uke’s nose. Seriously, I do.

Kotehineri is technique number 11 of the 17 basic techniques of Shodokan Aikido (in the Randori No Kata). It is also the first of the wrist techniques (Tebuki Waza) you will learn. Traditional aikido styles call this type of wristlock Sankyo, (meaning third technique).

No matter what you call it, this is how you perform the Kotehineri Aikido technique.

The throw is described on the Right side here on this page. You will need to be able to do it on the Left side as well, so just reverse the left/right directions and do the throw as if in a mirror.

  • Step your left foot forward off Uke’s line of attack
  • Use your two Tegatana (hand blades) to deflect his attacking (right) arm at the wrist
  • Grip his right hand with both your hands, palms down
  • Your right hand firmly controls his right hand, and your left (weaker) hand assists
  • Step back and in again as your hands “wind up” Uke’s wrist; twisting it so he is brought up on his toes to escape the pressure. (This is called a Sankyo control in some Aikido systems.)
  • Maintain the twist grip with your right hand
  • Glide your left hand up Uke’s arm to his elbow; your left thumb pointing down
  • Step forward with your left leg and, at the same time…
  • Bring your helf hand and arm down in a big circle so Uke has to bend forward at the waist
  • Keeping the twisting pressure with your right hand (Sankyo technique)…
  • Walk your right leg forward.
  • Uke uses his left arm to protect his face as he skids face-forward onto the mat.
  • Maintains the twist grip “wind up” Uke’s arm until he taps a surrender with his free hand (or leg).

Once Uke has tapped to signal his “surrender” to you, the technique is over and he is allowed to get up again.

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