14 – Tenkai-Kotegaeshi (reversed wrist-twist)

Aikido Throw #14 of the Randori no Kata

Tenkai-Kotegaeshi (reversed Kotegaeshi) is similar to Shihonage
Tenkai-Kotegaeshi (reversed Kotegaeshi) is similar to the Shihonage aikido throw.

Like Shihonage, classic Aikido’s ‘Four Directions’ Throw

Tenkai-Kotegaeshi is rather like Shihonage an Aikido technique so named  because it lets you throw Uke anywhere you like – hence the Japanese translation, “Four Directions” throw.

It is sometimes spelled Shiho-nage, and Shodokan Aikido (the Japan Aikido Association) re-named the technique Tenkai-Kotegaeshi. It means reversed wrist-twist.

But whatever you call it, Shihonage is a beautiful Aikido technique.

It’s another classic Aikido throw which can be applied gently or hard, depending on the situation you find yourself in.

Shihonage (Tenkai-Kotehineri) is an Aikido joint technique which works on the wrist, elbow and shoulder – all at the same time.

The great thing about it is that it is very effective at throwing someone, and they can be floored quite unharmed (unless they hit their head).

The trick in shihonage is to stay within the natural movement of Uke’s three joints, so they don’t break, and guiding Uke so he falls in the “right” spot…

That’s why Shihonage was named the “Four Directions Throw”, because it allowedyou (Tori, the thower) to place Uke (the throwee) anywhere you want. North, south, east or west.

  • Face Uke, right to right.
  • As Uke attacks, step towards him with your right foot, while turning your body and arms to your left.
  • Catch Uke’s right hand and wrist with your two hands. Grip it like a sword, directly in front of your face.
  • Step through with your left leg, and pivot 180 degrees clockwise (to your right).
  • During this shihonage movement, you take Uke’s wrist and arm in front of your face, above your head and back down again as you turn… This entangles his whole arm, without hurting him, but it breaks his balance backwards.
  • Uke does a backward breakfall from shihonage.
  • Be sure to release Uke’s arm as he falls backwards.

Some variations of the Shihonage technique finish with you keeping the wristlock and armlock applied all the way down as Uke falls backwards…

Instructor’s Note

In this case, you finish your Tenkai-Kotegaeshi / shihonage throw by applying pressure to Uke’s locked arm until he taps a submission. What’s more, your free hand (usually the left) is raised and ready to strike with an edge of hand atemi strike to Uke’s face if you ever need it. Not all Aikido styles teach the strikes, just as some have weapons work (with tanto, bokken and jo) and some don’t. It all depends on who their school’s original teacher was (the man who learned directly from O-Sensei, Morihei Ueshiba).

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