16 – Sumiotoshi (corner drop throw)

Aikido throw #16 of the Randori no Kata


Sumi-Otoshi, the corner-drop throw, is a 'floating' aikido throw that packs a wallop.
Sumi-Otoshi, the corner-drop throw, is a 'floating' aikido throw that packs a wallop.

Sumiotoshi is the second of the three Uki Waza (floating throws) of Tomiki Aikido’s Randori no Kata, and the 16th technique overall.

The breakfall from Sumiotoshi is not easy, so it should only be attempted by green belt (3rd kyu) or more experienced students.

Sumiotoshi has a difficult breakfall for the un-initiated. The fall is a little like a forward roll, except that Uke cannot place any weight on his captured arm.

So it is not a roll, it is a jump over your own arm. The impact on your outstretched body from sumiotoshi is substantial. An impressive “WHUMP!” on the mats…

  • Step slightly to the outside (left) as Uke attacks.
  • Grab Uke’s wrist with both hands – just like you would hold a Samurai sword.
  • Keeping your back straight, and your posture low, raise Uke’s arm as high as you can – to break his balance.
  • Take a giant step forward with your left leg…
  • Bring both your “sword” hands straight down to the ground to execute sumiotoshi, just next to your left foot… (You will need to bend your right knee right to the ground while you do this.)
  • Uke will need to pivot 180 degrees to his right and do a “floating”, jump breakfall.

Learn the Sumiotoshi aikido throw by practicing slowly and very carefully. Make sure you have good mats, to cushion the fall. Allow Uke to do the jumping breakfall at whatever speed he is comfortable with.

Practice sumiotoshi again and again, and don’t try to force anything.

Speed will come with time.

David Harvey’s Comment

One of my Aikido teachers, Mick M***, once did Sumi Otoshi on a young man who pulled a knife on him in a milk bar in Sydney.

The NSW cops responded to an emergency call and saw the guy still on the floor nursing a broken shoulder. Once they established what had happened, they chuckled at the young guy’s hard lesson and arrested him. No problems for Mick.

But don’t assume common-sense will triumph every time. Nowadays the young fool would probably get a lawyer and sue!

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