2006 Shodokan Aikido Freestyle Kata Demonstration

The Winning Kata from the 2006 Shodokan Aikido Australia & New Zealand Freestyle kata competition. Tori: John Fogarty Uke: Konrad Chmielewski

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27 thoughts on “2006 Shodokan Aikido Freestyle Kata Demonstration”

  1. Aikido is just friggen awesome.WTF is with all these people bashing it about it’s effectiveness?Leave it alone who cares if martial arts work I just have fun doing them.Besides I am very sure that if I needed to I could defend myself with Aikido because I have.

  2. shoure aikido is good in it´s way.. but if a “real” fighter does what the one that gets thrown around does, his like a white belter or somethin.. he just runs in to his opponent.. dont think aikido stands that big chance against a black belt kyokushin sensei.. but what do i know? ^^

  3. You no estoy de acuerdo de que utilicen el nombre de Aikido en sus competencias, pues ahi se olvidan de los principios del Aikido, pero aca debo de reconocer, han hecho unas lindas tecnicas…felicitraciones!!!

  4. practical or “real” application of aikido does not look like this, this is a demonstration

  5. crimson can i ask some question…
    ive been watching videos of aikido from tohei, seagal etc.. and most of the comments were negative. I read a lot about shodokan aikido and they were the one who introduce resistive training(which are missing from aikikai, yoshinkan styles etc.) do you have any available videos of competetive sparring?(not just demo). I’ve been wantingg to try this art but i’ve became reluctant bec. of some criticsm. i’ll be waiting for the reply tnx…

  6. a demonstration is one thing.

    having someone ram a finger in your eye or punch your throat of maybe even try and remove your testicles is another. 😉

    ‘aikido is 90% atemi’ is something ueshiba said.

    good demo. nobody lost an eye. 😉

  7. Nice techniques! Although competion is included in Shodokan and this takes it apart from Ushiba’s original thought, this video shows that Shodokan guys have a really good trainning executing techniques with elegance and effectivenes. Congrats!

  8. No, it shows nothing of the kind. The only thing “demonstrated” here is that “shodokan” aikidorka can play act just as well as any other aikidorka. It’s bullshit and none of the moves shown here are ever a factor in any so called “sparring” or “competition” events. It’s bullshit and a waste of time.

  9. Hey Knighthollow, sorry I don’t have any competetive sparring videos to post at the moment. But you are right in that it was tomiki that introduced sparring and resistive training to aikido based upon the judo system. This style of aikido is called shodokan aikido so if you look up under that name you might be able to find some. Aikikai and yoshinkan do not do any resistive training so tohei and seagal are not good examples to look up.

  10. aikido, taekwondo, karate, judo….all a waste of time….every person who has taken up one of those arts has lost to an mma fighter or a muay thai fighter that i’ve seen in real life or in pride or ufc or dream or K1 or youtube or wherever…I would know…because i’ve done all of those in my younger years. after 15 years of doing martial arts….I believe Krava maga for real time….Jeet Kune do with kali silat, muay thai, wing chun, western boxing and brazilian jujitsu or sambo would be best

  11. Interesting theory. It’s also contradicted by any number of Karate and Judo fighters in MMA. I also will never understand why everyone’s got such a hard-on for Muai Thai. It’s a good striking art, particularly when combined with the kind of physical conditioning that most other styles unfortunately neglect, but it’s nothing particularly special

  12. There also would be no BJJ without Judo. In fact, BJJ IS Judo with a Brazilian flag stamped on it. Judo has everything that’s included in BJJ + the ability to chuck people into the concrete at backbreaking force if necessary.

  13. i have a carry permit so when a big scary guy wearing a tap out shirt is going to kill me i put 2 in his chest as instructed. Im interested in aikido and luckilly there is one close to my house where you can train al morning mma isnfor all just people who want to destroy thier bodies so they can suffer in thier later years.

  14. Most ignorant fucking comment ever! Plenty of judoka have kicked fucking ass in mma. As well as some karate fighters

  15. indeed not to mention the legendary judoka Masahiko Kimura who managed to beat Helio Gracie!!!!

    in fact as a tribute to Kimura’s victory, the reverse ude-garami technique has since been commonly referred to as the “Kimura lock”, or simply “the Kimura”, in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and, more recently, mixed martial arts circles.

    Halomaster1988 needs to do more research 🙁

  16. Machida is the champ in the UFC and his main style is karate. Karo Paryisan is well known for his Judo. Numerous MMA fighters and kickboxers have Taekwondo in their resume.

  17. I respect Judo, but your statement that Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is “Judo with a Brazilian flag stamped on it” is absurd. You obvioulsly don’t understand the difference between the two styles.

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