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  1. I heard a story where O Sensei and a naval officer got into an argument about martial arts. The officer drew his saber and demanded a duel, which unarmed O Sensei accepted. He then dodged and diverted the officer’s attacks until the officer was too exhausted to attack any more.

    Hells yeah.

  2. Aikido: The art of breaking your assailant’s arm in 5 places before they hit the ground. :p

  3. Tadashi Abe Sensei was the first Aikido teacher to visit the UK in the late 1950s, invited by Kenshiro Abbe Sensei.
    Aikido Ellis Video Channel
    Kenshiro Abbe – Tadashi Abe- Masahilo Nakazono – M Noro – TK Chiba and much more
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  4. No, that’s not exact!
    O Sensei didnt look at him, and didnt pay attention to him… Then he recognized that all his wrath that always used in combats dissapeared and he had no reasons for attack O Sensei… No violence in fact, no attacks…

  5. Thank you for posting this rare footage.
    It is such a pleasure seeing these early films.
    I’ver practiced Shorin Ryu some 40 years now so even so, I have much to learn.

  6. yeah, and it seems that was in office time. now i see why they didnt got normal jobs. hanging around. XD

  7. hey great footage…thanks for up loading….I am First dan jui jitsu…But please do tell whats the title of the music and by whom
    peace from scotland to ye

  8. This is kind of like CQC. Which would actually make it effective in a real fight. (Considering you know what you’re doing).

  9. I like the last move at the end, using henkawazaa. @1:28 where uke tries to esape from kotegaeshi, and nage turns it into iriminage.

  10. Man, Japanese Arnold Stang got some moves! seriously though, very cool. Aikido is neat as hell. In fact, the martial arts in general are just the cats pajamas all around. Learn everything you can, because you’re always more dangerous than the guy who knows less.

  11. Nice video! Curious, are there more of these sessions?

    I’m also looking for a particular video hopefully someone can point me to…
    It shows Aiki being taught to military infantry, believed to be pre-WWII. Not sure which country it was filmed in.

  12. If you learn more styles your brain has soooo many things it can tell your body to do in a situation, that it chokes. Best to learn one style, most styles have several different respones to one attack anyway.

  13. being a traditional hapkido guy I’ve always had a strong affinity for aikido. One thing I think hapkido lacks is how to move and react to your opponent as you’re trying to lock them up. aikido does this well

  14. the one thing Aikido lacks is your partner reacting to you after his initial attack. Read : being passive and uncommited.

  15. yeah I know bro. I was just adding my 2 cents. I’ve done aikido for 5 years and as much as I loved it, it was always frustrating on the “non resistance/no commitment” issue.

  16. Aikido training is basically your partner attacks you mildly in a stereotypical fashion and you do the technique your teacher showed. And your partner usually doesnt try to resist “so you can learn”. If he resisted and really attacked you, chances are you’d never be able to finish the technique.

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