Aikido training of UNDSS (United Nations Department of Safety and Security) personnel at the regional headquarters for the UN in South America – ECLAC / CEPAL – in Santiago, Chile. Filming and Editing by ‘EXIT Productions’

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25 thoughts on “AIKIDO”

  1. @MrJudo15 be patient with practice aikido is very difficult to learn and become effective with

  2. Showman88@
    Agreed .
    Estoy feliz q ense├▒en como defender contra
    Attakes solo q asi no como se ve en este video
    ko attaka ni un idiota!
    Quien seria tan estupido de ense├▒ar el pu├▒al antes de attakar con el. Este es un dia moderno adonde Los malos andan mas preparados mas armados y son (algunos) mas astutos q Los q defenden la ley!
    Perdon la critica si esta dura pero asi como se ve Aquino solo attakan dementes. Hay q razonar y ense├▒ar technicas mas avansadas

  3. I don’t mean to sound stupid, but, wouldn’t the shooter have shot if you do a turn, seriously, thinking goes a hell of a lot faster than turning..
    And I doubt someone will actually stick up a gun into someone’s face while in a crowd..

  4. mrjudo15, good luck starting aikido, its a great martial art to learn. have fun with it and the key is practice practice practice. even outside the dojo. everyday practice. it takes a long time to advance but hang in there. iv been doin it for 2 years and im still a beginer
    kyle – 6th kyu – aikido

  5. The problem is they don’t realize that it doesn’t work in reality. If they want to handle a real situation, they must know how it happens in reality. No attacker runs with a long knife like that. The real attacker will come to you with a friendly smile and put a knife into you and dispear again in the crowds. more…

  6. ….. Take this clip for example: The murder of Rabin. That’s is what happens in real situation. If they want to shoot, they shoot. They don’t talk. It is dangerous to give the attendants an illusion that they can handle a real situation.

  7. ecxelente!!!no pude encontrar un aplicacion verdadera y no fantasiosa del aikido hasta ahora. buenisimo!

  8. Please can someone say to me with whom I be contacting for aptener more by videoes of this style of training?. thank you

  9. Please can someone say to me with whom I be contacting for aptener more by videoes of this style of training?. thank you

  10. @kyle. Thanks man! Will do! Aikido is the most beautiful martisl art in the world! It takes alot of practice n alot of time! Im in this for the long run! I will become a steven seagal! Its so fun to learn, i got great teaches, n im honered to work with great students as well! I got my 7th kyu test next week! Wish me luck!! Bow bow to Ueshiba!!

  11. @mels432

    If the shooters intention was to kill, he would of shot before then and at a distance (hypothetically), thus the shooter needs something from the hostage or doesn’t want to shoot him, leaving hesitance before the shot, making the ideal window of opportunity to turn around quickly.

    What if the shooter does want to kill you? No martial art can save you from every conflict every time. However you can greatly improve your chance of survival.

  12. Regarding the situations with the gun: if in real life you wouldn’t do it properly, you’d end up dead.

  13. aikido should be the self denfence for the human race.

    peacfully defuse the situation with calm, hilmiliating throws of the bully.

  14. Normal kriminal will not wait u to grab his hand
    hi will shot you
    you are dead
    faster reaction is neded in aikido
    and big luck on the street

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