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This short video clip shows a selection of Aikido masters showing off their techniques. The video opens with old movie footage of O-Sensei Morihei Ueshiba, the Founder of Aikido, throwing two of his students around the Aikikai Honbu dojo in the late 1960s. The Master would have been about 80 years old at the time and still practised on the mats. However his techniques did get softer and more gentle with his advancing age. The clip shows modern Aikido teachers as well including movie action star Steven Seagal when he was much younger. There is some good stuff in here, and you will note that not every teacher wears the hakama in their dojo. One pair of Aikidoka are shown wearing black keikogi, which is not seen often in Aikido circles.

a aikido movie

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25 thoughts on “Aikido masters – video”

  1. I looks easy but it’s difficult to learn. I start doing Aikido five years ago. It is such an effective fightsport 😉

  2. I’ve been practicing Aikido for about 4 years now, and it just makes you feel so good, your body and posture is improved dramatically.

    But it does take a very long time to learn, I’ve noticed that the longer you practice, the harder it gets, but that just makes it more fun and makes you more motivated.

  3. i’d love to take aikido if i can find someone to teach me. right now i take kickboxing, which keeps me in shape, but i think it’d be awesome to learn both, seeing how one is defensive and the other offensive. it’d be a cool experiment to mix it up…

  4. I think it would be difficult to “mix” kickboxing with a traditional martial art such as Aikido. I do agree that learning both would be awesome, however I think you would end up either doing a kickboxing technique or Aikido. Perhaps something like Judo would fit pretty well with kickboxing since both are competition arts and are practiced regularly with fully resistant opponents. I’ve been practicing Seibukan Jujutsu for almost a year, and outsiders get it confused with Aikido sometimes. Pce

  5. Yeah it is. Keeping paging through Aikido search. I’m no sure, but I think it is a Philipino school of Aikido. The have several videos under that style.

  6. I guess the last part with the gunman is korean aikido, which is mixed with karate and japanese aikido.

  7. what pipl dont realise is that aikido is a martial art used back in the old war days used by samurai. when attackers are running at you aikido is very useful and fast so you can deal with the next attacker even if he has a wepon

  8. @lukevacancy

    Aikido’s from early 20th century. It never saw samurai battle conditions.

  9. @kest32

    The technique looks like Kotegaesh, and is part of Aikido. I doubt many teach defence against guns, but that technique’s present in pretty much all aikido schools.

  10. The Aikido will bring us the concept os Harmony and Love!
    This is the best martial art ever created.

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