Aikido Basic Techniques : Katate Tori Hantai Ikkyo Pin

The Aikido technique Katate Tori Hantai Ikkyo is very effective to use to help pin an opponent. Learn how to pin an attacker using the Ikkyo Pin in this free video. Expert: Gary Boaz Bio: Gary Boaz has been training in Aikido for 17 years, he is a 4th degree black belt under Fred Mastision Sensei of Aikido of Phoenix. Gary teaches Aikido, Kyusho-Jitsu, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Filmmaker: Dustin Daniels

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25 thoughts on “Aikido Basic Techniques : Katate Tori Hantai Ikkyo Pin”

  1. It will help, and eventually u wont have to do anything since ure using the power of ure opponent but as Naedbadss said, its used to break body parts so it can be dangerous to be used, it recommend this. Use Aikido ONLY when a fight get REAL dangerous, else just freestyle, like throwing some punches or some kicks, but use AIkido as a last option unless it a dangerous fight.

  2. it would be better to not to fight at all~ aikido promotes peace and it’s a defensive style technique, so if you wanna brawl, better not aikido

  3. for that you should do kempo or shotokan..i take both of those and since the 1st fight no one else tries me..

  4. @JHRMS yea thats sum good advice to people who learn it from these videos ,but if you know what your doing you dont have to be brutal

  5. Find a place that teachers good old fashioned hard Aikido. Don’t go for the flowery aiki-bunny bullshit.

  6. Not at all. Well, i shouldn’t say that. The question is really if you want to “win” (in which case i suggest another martial art such as Hapkido or Tae Kwon Do, or even boxing), or if you dont want anyone to get hurt. Aikido is not an attack style and will do no good for you if you try and use it that way. HOWEVER it is one of the best self defense styles there is. Simply depends on what you want.

  7. Actually pins are perfect for this kind of scenario of finishing the fight quick, execute a throw and a proper pin to show the aggressor that if he tries it again he might not escape unscathed that time.

  8. @ranandom – I know why you are saying this but I don’t agree. Aikido can be used aggressively the same as any other martial art. Whether you CHOOSE to apply it aggressively is another matter. With good use of atemi it is fairly simple to apply aikido techniques aggressively. Whether you are good enough to do so effectively is another matter entirely. Undoubtedly though, Aikido is more effective when the energy of the attacker is used against them.

  9. @markaval I think you missunderstand what i am saying. From what little i know of Aikido the point of the fight is not to “win” by dominating your opponents. You dont learn aikido to kick someones butt or to knock someone out in a fight. From what i have seen of it most of the techniques are a defense against an attack. Yes you can do them aggressively, but at its heart its still a defense. I have no issues with Aikido at all, but i do not agree with someone learning it for the wrong purposes.

  10. спасибо за детальные объяснения. Очень доступно и понятно

  11. @ranadom – nope definitely not misunderstanding you. All I’m saying is that the point of any martial art is, at the end of the day, what you choose to make it. Aikido definitely tends to best/most effectively applied in a defensive way, and you’ll get no argument from me on that. But that doesn’t stop anyone from taking Aikido and being able to attack with it. I’m not saying that makes it right or wrong – just that the exponent has a choice of how they want to apply what they have learned.

  12. These are beautifly done!
    I’ve never seen a better more concise explination of the technique.
    Laurence Lance
    Okinawia Karate Kenpo Kubudo

  13. @Mark. Very well said Mark! Ur absolutly Right!!! One thousand percent! Why does everyone think Aikido cnt be aggresive? It can be as agressive as any other style of martial Art!! Mark u said it Best! 😀

  14. @ranandom! Also nicely said! I agree with u also! Ive been taken Aikido its the best thing i ever Did! I love it! I would only use it if i really needed too! To protect myself n the people i lpve! A true Aikidoka will neva fight just to fight, What u think we r? The Mma or Ufc!

  15. Aikido is Ideal for Multipul attackers! Bjj is great if ur one on one. Also other Useless martial arts against multipul attackers are bjj, kempo, boxing, kickboxing, gracie jj, judo.

  16. @jarheadtsm actually,it’s more on defense so you can’t be offensive with this martial art.Just use it to protect yourself.

  17. @jarheadtsm u can hit him if u make him fall to the ground 😀 (although it is against the rules)

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