Aikido Basics: Wrist Lock Twist – Aikido Sankyo Rear Wrist Grab Defens

Aikido is a martial art that uses the opponent’s momentum to defend against an attack. Watch this free video clip as an Aikido expert shows how to defend against a rear wrist grab. Expert: Fred Mastison Bio: Mastison Sensei is an inductee into the United States Martial Arts hall of fame and is a 5th degree black belt who has been active in the martial arts for over 35 years. Filmmaker: Dustin Daniels

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18 thoughts on “Aikido Basics: Wrist Lock Twist – Aikido Sankyo Rear Wrist Grab Defens”

  1. LOL, then you do it… run up in an Aikido Dojo and grab the Sensai from behind like that with no warning and just see what happens.

    What he’s not teaching you are the principles of “leading control” and “dynamic technique” that us aikidoists understand first hand.

    Until you’ve spent a year, or 2, in a dojo practicing aikido hands on you don’t have a leg to stand on when it comes to comments like this.

  2. 80% technique and 20% spiritual ….. sounds like shin shin toitsu ( Ki Aikido ) to me.

  3. nobody would grab like this in a real situation, the training methods of aikido are unrealistic.

  4. @showman188 that move would be good for a woman if a man thought he could grab her like that. Some men would try that and get served by that aikido woman. Look deeper for what it is and not what someone won’t do.

  5. the throw and locking is cool, but, bo one grabs anyone like that in the first place, you might as well just twist their wrist to manipulate the opponents body in a real fight.

  6. @showman188 Even though i dont believe that they are unrealistic as a way of defense. I do believe that int his situation it’s a little unorthodox, why would an opponent leave his arms around the frontal area of your body???

    Effective means of disabling an opponent, would be to twists their arms around their back, thus disabling full capability of their arms

  7. that sucks he just let go of his wrist what happends if they were grabbing on the it like PURE HARD how do u get out of that?

  8. @jason0814u2

    no matter how´╗┐ u grab the wrist, its not possible to stop the person from twisting his forearm and slipping out

    the wrist is the WEAKEST part of the body and there are a lot of cowards out there who always target the wrists because its really weak

    but there are a lot of ways to get out of wrist grabs and put the other person in submission. just watch all the videos on youtube. type in wrist defence or wrist release and u can learn 100s of really good techniques.

  9. the wrist tech is good but no body grabs u from behind like that so it wouldnt work they grab 4 ur neck i loved to watch the old man who invented it but on the street some moves dont work cause plp dont know the arts and if they do its striking

  10. It’s not “yoshuro,” it’s “ushiro.” And as said above, it’s the third form, not the fourth.

  11. to make this video better you should show the techinqie at the end in real time i.e full power etc. obviously without hurting the other person to much.

  12. Great video post! The Sankyo was one of the basic locks I had trouble learning a few years ago.

  13. fourth… seriously? he doesnt even know san means three?

    apart from this fundamental mistake, the elbow should ALWAYS be above the shoulder during the lock. Else the uke can swing his other elbow straight into nage’s face..

    if you want to post videos showing basics, atleast dont start rambling..

  14. Love the video. F–K!!! all these commercials before the videos, if I wanted to watch commercials I’d be in front of a TV!!! Take the hint youtube

  15. really use some force with a quick snapping motion and boom you will break the elbow or wrist…

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