Aikido Demonstration 2

A clip from very nice action of some (old) masters Titled: “2st Aikido Friendship Demonstration” See more on: “” Thank you for your attention

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26 thoughts on “Aikido Demonstration 2”

  1. @MikeUntstinks LOL I don’t think this dingleberry picker would mind getting piss and shit in his hair hell he has been bullied his whole life I am sure it’s happened before. Half the shit he would be rolling in comes out of his mouth.

  2. @mrrightwing1000 Not true he fights every day at school trying to keep his hair out the boys room toilet during the bullies swirlie rounds.
    Kommitard is on the ground in every fight hence the taped up broken horned rim glasses he kinda has us there. The question is who takes the fight to the ground in his case…him however the real question is how ? the smart money says he is PUT on the ground by a guy called nasty nate.

  3. @mrrightwing1000 BJJ is a SPORT

    Easy on the kid it is the same as telling a small chilkd Santa is not real. Boy there is going to be some repercussions from this comment thanks alot. LOLOL

  4. @IrishTomahawk
    Yeah i took a look at a few of their videos yesterday. I was familiar with a lot of their technique but there was a pretty huge shift in martial focus. From the look of it, it’s what i’d call a last resort technique. Still absolutely beautiful, and extremely effective.

  5. @mrrightwing1000 I can fully agree with you. The reason I took Aikido, outside my Dad training for years in Japan, was to feel safer in my neighborhood. Fights, stabbings, shootings, was just an hourly thing.

  6. kummsucker… LOL… Why dont you Show us proof Aikido does not work? I already told you it is used extensively in the military. If you like I can point you to the nearest Marine base and you can tell them their submissive techniques suck and dont work. They worked very well when I used them.
    Everyone knows this guys is a TROLL. No matter what you say or do.. it will never satisfy him… his satisfaction comes from pushing peoples buttons… Come down to the Marine barracks.. anytime.

  7. Another use of your tired red herring. The issue isn’t learning about shitkido; it’s about seeing if it works or not. Does it work, yes or no? The answer is obviously no. Fighting a bear? You loons are in Oriental Fantasy Land.

    No, I don’t think believing in magic nonsense is at all “helpful”. It in fact is outright harmful as you’re basing your actions on a fallacy. “Chi” is simply defined in any dictionary or encyclopedia. You’re simply in denial of reality.

  8. You should be able to easily find a school that will allow you to bring a camera in. The fact that you’re claiming so many of them won’t let you do this makes you reek of bullshit. Post a video, you fucking coward. A full-contact fight against a credible opponent.

  9. @kommisar
    Yeah and you can see if it works or not by trying it yourself. That’s what everyone else does.
    Dude lighten up. How can i get it through to you that there is no such thing as magic?
    The dictionary was not writen by martial artists. Chi is just a word used to talk about the way in which we use our body. It’s just an arbitrary designation. In BJJ i’ve heard the same thing refered to as the core.
    (in fact i’m pretty sure that’s what most people call it…….)

  10. @kommisar “The issue isn’t learning about shitkido; it’s about seeing if it works or not.”

    LOL, you fail again. You can’t ‘see’ if a technique works. You should know that, as a Martial Artist.
    You can’t prove that something works by watching videos. Not in Aikido, not in BJJ.

  11. You can though, you douche. When have these moves ever been pulled off in a real fight? You can’t show one damn example, street or ring. Shitkido is bunk; you’re a fool. Either post proof or shut up, you cunt.

  12. Or you could simply post a typical shitkido sparring session. I notice you have danced around this simple little thing time and time again. For all your bragging about shitkido and challenges to “fight” people, you are scared as shit to show how you fools train in resisting opponents. It’s safe to say you don’t post anything like this because it never happens. It’s simply not a part of shitkido, which is why shitkido is the piece of shit it is.

  13. Irrelevant. You have shown NO proof of your definition of “chi”. I see a pattern here: make a claim which flies in the face of reality, insist on it over and over, and when pressed for proof, simply insist your point over and over with fallacies. “Chi” is not a MA word, you ignorant cunt. It was a word created by mystified Asian laymen thousands of years ago. It had to do as much, if not more, with metaphysics, alternative medicine and in general bunk science as MA. Get an education, ass.

  14. @kommisar You should be able to easily find a school

    Of course if your mom found a school for idiots like you there is a school for anyone. Now go hug a nut dingleberry I invited you to my H2H room I teach in at Carson and you chickened out. LOLOL what an idiot why does anyone argue except to make fun of him.

  15. @kommisar Why can you not answer a question? I have now asked twice what you want to see. Failure to answer such an easy question either means you do not truly want to see a video, or you are afraid of an outcome. I want to post a video specially for you. If I pick my own MA, you could claim it doesn’t prove anything. By you making the choice you can not make such claims. So which is it, be a coward or make the choice?

  16. @TemporalxLobe Semper Fi, Marine hand to hand, and Army both utilize Aikido in some way. I would love to see this kommi walk into Parris Island with this attitude. LOL

  17. @kommisar “You can though, you douche. When have these moves ever been pulled off in´╗┐ a real fight? You can’t show one damn example, street or ring. Shitkido is bunk; you’re a fool. Either post proof or shut up, you cunt.”

    What you say is total crap. How the hell is it possible to prove something by watching? Please explain that to me.
    It doesn’t matter if we show an example. You’ll still say that the whole damn video is choreographed, even if it isn’t. So why should we bother to post a video?

  18. Watched the UFC fights tonight, it was great watching guys roll around on the ground the whole time. What is funny is that idiots think that is what should be done in the real world, with two hoodlums, with knives. Actually the only upside to the UFC fights was when the two big guys stood up man to man the whole fight until one got knocked out. Now there’s a fight.

  19. @mrrightwing1000 hehehe, you mean drop the knife and do the “honorable” thing and grapple like men do? haha yea right.

  20. @kommisar
    Has anyone ever told you that you are annoyingly pedantic?
    As i said most martial arts refer to it as “the core” or “centre”. It’s all the same concept.
    The origin of the word is irrelevant, the word itself is irrelevant because you can understand what it means by the context regardless of what it’s referred to as.
    It’s just life energy, i.e. the way that the different parts of your body interact with each other.
    Come on man this isn’t hard to get.

  21. No, it’s not, dipshit. “The core” denotes THE CORE of your body, a.k.a. your abs. “Chi” is “life energy”.

    No, fucktard, the meaning of the word IS relevant as it was what you were ARGUING. You are an absolute, unashamed bozo. Once again, you have provided no sources to support your credulous bullshit in typical shitkido fashion.

  22. Perhaps you should watch boxing or kickboxing then, you tard. Talk about stupid, you watch an MMA fight and expect to see no ground fighting or grappling. You are one dumb motherfucker.

  23. You avoided the question, asshole. When have we ever seen any of these stupid, LARP moves pulled off in a real fight? Show me one example. No, I won’t say it’s choreographed if it’s a REAL FIGHT. Learn to fucking read, shithead.

  24. I’ve trained with military, former or current, members. Guess what, douche? They all start at the bottom, not knowing how to even throw a punch.

  25. @kommisar Don’t cry about ‘the avoided question’, cause you are avoiding almost all MY questions (anyway, you did not even ask something, its just “Show me a video” or “I still haven’t seen my video”)
    There’s proof of aikido in many ways. You just search in the wrong way. You’re only looking on the internet.
    Okay, you are too lazy to visit the nearest aikido dojo. Let’s make it some easier: Prove to me that aikido is fake.

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