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  1. Looks to me like hes falling over a little bit too easily. for example at 1:05 and 1:22.
    i like this martial art although i have never done it, it looks good and effective but this demo just looks a bit too fake at some points.

  2. yeah it looks like the uke falls easily down … but thats the point of aikido … taky out the opponent without strengh … i didnt believe that too, until I started with aikido and my aikido teacher threw me, using the same technique, 3meters away 🙂

  3. “Falling easy” is one of the first things u learn in Aikido – its just one way to avoid injuries (the other way would be stopping the Aikido techique at the critical Parts). Imagine 1.11 or 1.15 without “falling easy” – this would really really hurt.

  4. of course but they grab them in such a way they use the attackers momuntum against them to throw them

  5. Believe me, when the sensei begins a move on you, you have no choice but to go with it – the alternative would be excruciating pain or broken limbs. If you didn’t know how to fall properly – like the average thug on the street – you would be in BIG trouble. Aikido is devastatingly effective.

  6. exactly. Its the perfect form of martial arts. quelling any offensive attack. the best form of offence is defence

  7. The thing about martial arts is that in any real sudden fight, you wouldn’t be in the same mindset you would be if you did martial arts normally. You wouldn’t do katas or anything– you would use the concepts to get away.

    Aikedo concepts are perhaps some of the most brutal ones around…

  8. nice demo, but unfortunatley alot of it can be explained by the Co-training effect.

    I look very good and flash when my compatriots uke for me. If i go to another dojo and my aikido looks scruffy- but it works.

    I say, in my opinion, the only test you can do safely is to try it on another martial artist outside of your art. If it works on them, your on to a winner.

  9. that is not a gd standard of test, if u win, it proves u r a better fighter, does not mean u have the better style.

  10. the prsn is throwing on his own, if his timinng is off, he wld be stuck

    i have experienced such a thing, if u do the tech wrong, u will either have to strain or u wld b stuck

  11. Aikido is a very smooth style to use, however for fighting multiple opponents forms such as shukokai are far more effective in my opinion due to the given ability to react faster and also to adapt to a given situation with greater ease.

  12. one on one it LOOKS soft but practicing martial arts myself I KNOW each of those effortless lookin throws is breaking technique.They dont play I see.They end thier fights in one move.

  13. @ICR68 kindof but the actual speed necessary to do this in a street fight is really hard to get. Plus dirty fighting and no knowledge of the style makes it a lot harder to do. Still as far as martial arts go it is quite interesting and cool.

  14. @Lyunatis You have the benefit of surprise – the average thug does not expect you to fight back – I have had to use Aikido in self-defense twice, and the assailants were shook rigid when they suddenly crashed to the floor – and I’m no expert!
    As for speed: practice, practice, practice until it becomes second nature. You only gain this level of skill by learning under a genuine sensei and never solely from books or videos.

  15. Combine one from each catagory below for an unstoppable martial arts skill set:

    A. Akido, Hapkido, or Chin Na, etc.
    B. Tae Kwon Do, Karate, or Kung Fu (standing styles), etc.
    C. Grappling, Wrestling, or Ju Jitsu, etc.

  16. Great demo!
    What dojo is this? Where and when was this demo performed?
    Anyone know?
    Arigato gozaimasu.

  17. Nice demo. Aikido is pretty cool. I was wondering, a lot of the Aikido organizations don’t allow people under 16 sr. dan rankings, do they have junior dan rankings, like korean martial arts and some karate styles?

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