Aikido – Direct entry Heaven and Earth throw.

Some parts of the instruction I gave my students about tenchinage (heaven and earth throw). As you can see in the video, I clipped my uke more forcefully than I intended to when demonstrating a possible atemi in the action of the throw. He’s a pretty tough uke, so he shook off the blow. Be careful when practicing that aspect of the technique. If I had delivered that atemi full force, it would have knocked my uke out. I show the atemi and get my students to practice it so that they have more intent in their movements, greater sharpness in their actions, and a more martial attitude toward the exchange between uke and nage. I had already gone over the low hand action in this technique before the taping began, so you don’t see me talking about it in this vid clip. In teaching this technique, I start with isolating the action of the low hand, then I do the same thing with the high hand, which you see in this clip, and then finish by putting the whole tenchi action together for the throw. It works quite well, I think. Give it a try! Practice, practice, practice.

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