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  1. I don’t think its the music… i think the sadness comes from the admiration to those devoted to the art of defence instead of attacks. By the demonstration of humble strenght.

  2. @oceanside1322 if you want to see that “fake”ing, go to an aikido dojo, ask a sensei to defend himself and not to keep you safe while fighting. then hit him in the face as hard as you can. It will work, believe me… Ofcourse he won’t crack any bones of yours while you’re 4 feet of the ground hanging upside down in mindblowing pain… ofcourse not…

  3. Im training with a close friend who works as a body guard and bouncer. He came from a strong boxing background and now uses most of his aikido training at “work”. He describes it as “unfair” towards his opponnents. Its very effective and practical in real life situations.

  4. @LaserKittensGoPewPew yah and just think this is the toned down aikido too unlike when Ueshiba first developed it and there were still a lot of killing techniques impplemented, and also ur tottally correct about u cant practice with full intent because my dad told me when he was at his aikido dojo a man threw his wife so hard on the mat he fractured her collar bone and it stuck threw her skin so im also very tred of ppl bashing aikido glad im not alone

  5. @LaserKittensGoPewPew Pretty much this. Just think about it, that neck strike at :58 could easily be a choke hold. And honestly, if the human body can be trained enough to read an opponents movements and counteract with a powerful strike, is it that hard to believe that you could be trained so well in fight physics to play with a persons momentum? The control that must take.. Soft martial arts really just amaze me.

  6. @rahulde78 Yes,Yes they are. But those are teaching moves. Big movements that teach timing and distance. Not applied techniques. They are part of the art but not the applied parts. Much like the very low stances and slow Kata in Karate are not something you would normally use in a fight.

  7. I am not 100% sure who the little guy at 2:21 is but he is way over muscling the techniques. Sorry but that is not Aikido. There is no harmony in what he is doing. Just pain. I have almost 18 years in Aikido and anyone would get in serious trouble for doing that on the mat in any state I have trained in.

  8. ok ppl get ur facts straight it is not an aggressive art i am aikidoka and no there isnt much striking in aikido hence the name “gentle art” it is a way to subdue opponents not kill them
    “Ueshiba’s goal was to create an art that practitioners could use to defend themselves while also protecting their attacker from injury.”
    right from wikipedia so there you go

  9. I gotta tell you, there just aren’t any like this today. The great ones are all gone.

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