Aikido interview with Donovan Waite Shihan

A short interview with Donovan Waite Shihan. We asked him couple of questions, and got some great answers! When you like it, we hope that you can join one of his seminars.

Gedanate says: It isn’t often that we get to sit in on a question and answer session with a high-ranking Aikido teacher… and for those not used to the foreign terminology, a Shihan is a master teacher. He is the guy who teaches all the black belt martial artists how to become masters. To my understanding, a Shihan is normally 7th dan (7th level) black belt or higher. But some styles, such as the Shodokan aikido I do, may have removed the 10th Dan and even the 9th Dan grade level out of respect their dead masters. (I believe the logic is that nobody who follows in that master’s footsteps is allowed to reach the highest-possible level. But I am sure there is a better explanation somewhere.)

If there is, please leave your comment here!

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One thought on “Aikido interview with Donovan Waite Shihan”

  1. I enjoyed that interview very much, as short as it was. I realize Donovan Waite Shihan has spent his life devoted to the practice and teacing of Aikido. Many others have done much the same, maybe not so indepth as Waite Shihan. But his answers to your questions were highly decisive and incisive. I hope to practice under him soon.

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