Aikido master – Shihan Tissier – Iriminage

Do you know, which technique is my favorite? 🙂 I made this video from Tissier’s videos from 1983 to 2007. I used some videos from fabiobranno and I thanks him. Music – Fatboy Slim – Right Here, Right Now.

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26 thoughts on “Aikido master – Shihan Tissier – Iriminage”

  1. crowd the shoulder once youre opening apears it may not realy improve youre tech as I have not seen it but this little advice is good for improving success in exicution of the tech

  2. This is so weird… I have literally just been learning Tissier’s Iriminage an hour ago in class, and now the video has been recommended by YouTube.

  3. it is impossible to do this kind of iriminage, because you can’t throw a guy with 120kg weigth like that ( me for example ;))) ), u just cant control him with the neck grab like that… but o well… u just cant know it untill u try it 🙂 my sensei tried dozent of times and it just doesnt work… there are much more better ways of iriminage…

  4. That was probably the best aikido footage I’ve ever seen. What happens without the highly trained, cooperative partner?

  5. @Delfrod90 Yes you can. I’m 6′ 235 lbs and the strongest in the class with a striking art background which puts me at a disadvantage. It’s easy to get under my center creating a fulcrum higher than the 5’9″ 160lber. It’s redirection not strength and thats where my problem is. I need less muscle and more brain and ill be all set.

  6. @Delfrod90 Technically you can’t throw anyone like that, unless the person is well trained as uke. Iriminage is not designed to make you fly but to harm your neck. Only a good uke develops the proper way to take the fall without being harmed. Otherwise nage either harms uke or simple doesn’t apply the technique for fear of harming uke. This is one of the fundamental principles that many aikidokas forget, that you need to improve not just nage technique but uke technique as well.

  7. I can’t help thinking that in many Aikido styles (including Tissier’s) it is Uke who actually performs iriminage. See for example the second one at 0:10. Why does Uke turn after his yokomen and get his back to Tissier? Does he want to get hit? Does he want to help Tissier performing a beautiful iriminage now that a camera is recording?

  8. I can’t help thinking that all these iriminages are actually performed by Uke. See for instance the second one at 0:10. Why does Uke get his back to Tissier after his yokomen uchi? Does he want to get hit? Does he want to help Tissier in performing a beautiful iriminage now that a camera is recording them?

  9. This is the best art I have ever seen..I wish I could do this…Where I live there is no chance to do this..
    I love this video..

  10. @ToniMattTony
    You did not tell me new things..Every sport, martial arts and everythings requires cardio..Even Body building
    So? So what?
    I do not care what people say about aikido..I love watcing it, it is great and beautiful, and I wish I could do it..
    You know ..The old wine is always better..Tell it to an aikido master who `s been doing aikido for over 40 years that it is useless..

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