24 thoughts on “Aikido Moriteru Ueshiba 1986”

  1. theawakener7….you obviously have your shit together. Far more than anyone on youtube. Thank you so much for your insite. Truely a help

  2. Hi Toophless1, what I do I do out of a sincere love for my fellow man, this makes me THE true Aikidoist. LMCO.


    Deformation of character
    Closed minded debate
    Sarcasm & Foolishness,etc.

    Only an epiphany can undelude a man, a wake up call, but what is man that he thinks he can save himself from himself. I’ve had not 1adult reply yet.

  3. anyone that knows what they are talking about knows that not all arts are good in all situations, but all arts have their strengths and time to use them.

    A skilled practitioner of either the martial applications of Tai Chi or Aikido is very tough to deal with in actual combat, particularly when combined with other striking arts.

    Those who have any knowledge at all know not to disrespect any particular art. when they do, they sadly reveal themselves to be loud and unknowing idiots.

  4. Ok, as I’m a nice guy, let’s help you with your Naivety and your Partiality by enlightening to your comments.

    You say not all arts are good in all situations. Well then that just destroys your defence of Aikido now don’t it/ And we haven’t even started. You say, all arts have their time to use them, so then once again you self-destroy studying styles just like Aikido is.

    Then you waffle on about Tai Chi & Aikido needing to be mixed with striking arts, Tai Chi is a striking art.

  5. And finally you gargle on about not disrespecting any art as it show a lack of knowledge. So tell me then traderrivage, what real fighting action have you seen that i’m ignorant of and need you to be enlightened on?

    Fire away, I’m all ears, no BS though, just honest facts.

  6. I’ll HAVE to assume your still in bed meditating traderrivage,lmao. Or perhaps your putting your story together right now, and summoning the Oomoto kami spirits.

  7. You still hiding GraveyIsNice, all I asked was where you are based in the UK, SO THAT IF POSS WE CAN GET TOGETHER,I’d love to contact spar with an Akidoka. Let me know.

  8. what kind of martial art do you, nothing???
    or you are just not thinking before you say something, have you ever fought against a aikidoka, i guess not!!!
    and the only unknowing idiot, is you!!!!!

  9. It looks soooo easy and elegant. I wonder whether it’s possible to stay as cool as at that demo on the street (in a streetfight).

    *love* 😀

  10. Aikido is very elegant and pretty looking what practiced under controlled conditions. It is near impossible to practically exicute any of these techniques properly without seriously injuring your partner. that is why they learn to fall, learn to be grabbed and twisted. if not then no one would survive practice.

    I believe that this could be somewhat used on the street, but only after years and years of training. but it is not superior, no style is.

  11. Nah it’s not. It gets quite messy in the street on account of people not knowing how to fall properly. Dislocations and bone fractures on the house. Also, it’s nigh impossible fighting several people at once unless you’ve been vigorously training for at least 20 years. Then again, if you did nothing but pushups, situps and cardio for 20 years you’d also become a force to be reckoned with.

  12. Sadly not many people understand that Aikido is ideologically a lot more than who beats what with what techniques and bla bla bla. It’s all about trying to perfect yourself, bushido, harmony and balance. The point is not to beat crap out of people. It’s about discouraging someone who’s attacking you to drop the attempt.

  13. Judo and Jiu jitsu are so much more useful than AikiDo, no offense.aikodo is flashy and fun to watch, but really not that useful if someone is gonna take you down and submit you anyways

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