Aikido – Mysterious Defensive Martial Art From Japan

The tenkai wrist twist (called sankyo in traditional aikido) is very painful.
The tenkai wrist twist (called sankyo in traditional aikido) is very painful.

Aikido uses evasive movements and throws to avoid an attacker’s onslaught and unbalance him.

Aikido moves include a variety of throws to take him to the ground, where joint locks and pressure points are used to hold and subdue him.

The techniques used in Aiki-do are part of a defensive martial art which does not need kicks or punches to deal with an opponent.

These Ju Jitsu type grappling skills were highly prized by the ancient Samurai because they enabled an enemy to be captured alive.

And today these Aikido locks and holds are highly regarded by many police departments and security services, both in Japan and overseas. Why? Because Aikido holds can subdue a violent person while minimising any injuries to him (or her).

That doesn’t mean that Akido techniques cannot injure people. They certainly can. But a really gifted expert can use Aikido locks and pins to subdue someone without injury. And usually they will choose minimum violence.

Breaking an attacker’s wrist or arm is extremely easy. Any beginner can hurt their training partner(s).

Injures are very rare in the Dojo, but when they do occur, it is almost always the beginners who hurt the seniors.The seniors know when enough is enough… pain that is. They have enough skill to apply the locks without doing damage.

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