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  1. Very true. Unfortunately modern striking has a completely different theoretical foundation from Kenjutsu. People throw boxing derived punches, not knife-hands.

  2. aikido it’s not about wish martial art is the best or if it actualy works on the streets for that matter you better learn something else …. aikdo is to purify your self and to live in peace in harmony with GOD (The Universe)

  3. To Neomauresque,1OR2 fine tuned AIKODO techniques would be more effective then lots of inferiorly practiced,& inferiorly thought-out Jujitsu techniques. 🙂

  4. heheh.. people who go out and truly learn things versus people who know everything and grace youtube with there knowledge. =)

    now, thats funny…

  5. Osensei’s balance is superb. His ability to lead an attacker may be the big secret that’s so easy to miss. The weapon attacks are always aimed at him and he is never there when the strike falls. Watch later clips where there is no contact whatever, despite the uke’s intent.

  6. It’s the same principle actually. Learn to defend against knife-hands and there will be no problem against “boxing derived punches” : )

  7. I know what I am saying, It’s not about defending from the knife hand or sword hand or whatever it’s about defending from the intention, once that mastered you can defend against absolutely everything. Boxing punches come after an intention, don’t they ? Perhaps you should practice 40-50 years and you will become enlightened 🙂 Piece

  8. Find a 15 year old amateur boxer and see if you can do anything with his jab. No, really. Do it.

  9. isn’t the jab sword oriented ? or a knife hand lol. At the time he thinks to jab me my fist will be in his face 😛 I don’t really want to hurt 15 y old boy and I am not skilled enough to try vs professional boxer so I just practice without really be concerned of what may or what will happen…

  10. All the movements in aikido come frome swordsmenship, and when I say all I mean ALL. Are there strikes when using a sword ? I guess yes,so there are the same number of strikes using a hand, in fact Karate uses the same strikes with the difference that they inure there limbs in order to hit harder In a street situation Aikido is impossible without atemi-waza, none of the techniques would work just like that The way they are practiced in dojo is for developing skills there use outside is different

  11. I doubt it, once an Karateka challenged O’Sensei, and when he attacked with a fist, Morihei used one finger to block his attack and shatter his wrist… I strongly doubt it “Fedor” would “own” him. lol

  12. when someone come’s to your house, greet him/her, and when they go home send them off 😀 some of u maybe understand what i meant by that?

  13. lol possibly a secret code for “Meet attack with hand and throw person really far away”

  14. yes true, but it still helps to point out that it is HIGHLY street effective. Most special ops use it

  15. this guy looks to be a msater at this an all, but none of the attackers look determined, making it seems too much like LARPing…

  16. well in Morihei Ueshiba’s time, all people go to her dojo for fight with the aikidokas.. and all losers… i think morihei can’t train the Army of Japan if Aikido isn’t effective.. XD
    sorry for my bad english

  17. Fairy tales and urban legends. one finger, yeah right.

    they tell Ueshiba was a fighter (his background wasn’t Aikido, of course) but even in his prime he would have had a snowball’s chance in hell against Fedor.
    Come’on, a 60Kg old man against a 100Kg+ top-flight professional MMA fighter…

    You people should start exercising more critical thinking.

  18. @Eoph True true, i used Tenchinage on a huge dude, he fell like a tree, His face was priceless afterwards.

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