Aikido Techniques & Exercises : Uke Nagashi Tenkan: Part 1

Uke Nagashi Tenkan, an Aikido technique, trains an Aikido student to deflect an opponent’s motion and control the line of attack. Learn the important Aikido arm deflection Uke Nagashi in this free Aikido video featuring a 4th degree black belt Aikido instructor. Expert: Gary Boaz Bio: Gary Boaz has been training in Aikido for 17 years, he is a 4th degree black belt under Fred Mastision Sensei of Aikido of Phoenix. Gary teaches Aikido, Kyusho-Jitsu, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Filmmaker: Dustin Daniels

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20 thoughts on “Aikido Techniques & Exercises : Uke Nagashi Tenkan: Part 1”

  1. @laurenblacksinister There is always at least one hater in a group and you laurenblacksinister are the one.

  2. @martinandree dont take this the wrong way bro, ONLY WRESTLING & FULL CONTACT FISTFIGHTING WORKS. Thats it. people pay good money for these guys to teach them how to fight or defend them selves. if some one would attack them, these people would be directly to blam for there safety.

  3. @martinandree the only people who could use this for real would be someone who would already be abale to crush his aponit with 1 move in like 2 seconds. I’v studied ALL of the martial arts. if you want to know how to train, i could give you numerous ways, but this video unfortunately is just ganna waste alot of peoples time. and money

  4. @laurenblacksinister Oh, I won’t take it the wrong way. Me too, I was in disbelief about Aikido but was looking for a new martial art to study and gave Aikido a chance. That was about two years ago and all this video showed was aikido’s version of a parrie block and he didn’t follow it up with anything. Now in class I we did this and followed it up with a move called Kote Gashi (spelling?) and I almost got my wrist broken before I even knew what happened. Trust me man, it’s real.

  5. that is awesome.If only i had someone to practise it with , it would’ve been even more awesome.

  6. my dad use to do this and was a trainer but i dont get the point of it if you dont strike.

  7. Wow why do peopl have alot of doubts on aikido. Do you wanna learn martial arts for self defense or to fight with other martial artist with violence? Dont you know that aikido is being thought for self defense for police? Do you really think some random guy will attack you with 10 years of kung fu experience?

  8. This guy is NOT doin that shit right. Renossa was under Take Sensei or Seagal Sensei w/e, he clearly wasnt payin much attention . if you youe elbow infront of sumone ( 1:43 ) all they got to do is grab the arm and your fucked . Broke NOT2MENTION his footwork sux, Aikido is not like boxing or mma you train both standis, he keeps goin back to his left. so instead of enter and takein that motherfucker out he steps away then go’s in , im sorry but all he is doin is given his uke more opportunities.

  9. The problem with that technique is that after one pass an attacker of any competence will stop and face you within striking distance with time to draw a weapon or strike; so you only really get one pass with which you must execute a technique or throw which disables the opponent, otherwise you’ll be caught out eventually

  10. @shangrila107 I understand what your saying but its just a drill. statistically if you u create space more then 10 sec from your attacker must wont reengage. So if I was to do this off of someone trying to push me (which is a very common attack) I would do it and run.Its a good self defense techinque. If I couldnt run then I would do the techinque but add something that would take him out. I see what your saying but remember its a drill.You don’t keep throwing giving your oppenent 30 chances lol

  11. @laurenblacksinister

    It works against a push which is a common attack often followed by some sort of strike. i.e a haymaker or bolo punch. Its a good drill to practice to defend someone trying to push you against a wall or lockers or set you up for a strike. You obviously see the weakness now understand the strengths and you will reap the rewards. God bless!!

  12. @abenice Listen its done wrong, not right wrong, drill or not , you should train right every time , if you train wrong it will come out wrong. PRACTICE MAKE PERMANENT, PERFECT PRACTICE MAKE PERFECT. Ukenagashi comes from sword but Seagal is the only one who does it in Aikido , Renossa was his student , my Sensei is one of his current students , i know how to do this. and to say Renossa’s name right.

  13. @uptop84 but it could happen, dont think you cant piss sumone off just cas they got a 4th dan.

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