23 thoughts on “Aikido (The Art of Peace and Harmony)”

  1. your video was most entertaining. when are you making another? If you want you should check out some of our vids, they kinda suck, but they’re pretty funny

  2. This really is a good video maybe if everyone took aikido more seriously there would be less violents.

  3. beautiful vid, i lear in a different school of aikido but i love that art. In any kind. In any school. Its a beautiful martial art:)Cheers to everyone that excercise it(sorry for my eng;))

  4. i love this video! I never see!,the important thing that it is for the spirit the aikido! Venezuela!

  5. Excellent video it really shows what aikido is an awesome martial art… really cool video

  6. I am just started to aikido. It is so Peace full. It is very differnt then karate. Karate is about fighting. Aikido is harmoni and peacefull. I trained still a litlle karate. Karate can be very peace full. Karate is the best and aikido is also the best!!! I love it!!!

  7. I sympathise with Aikido because of it’s peaceful nature, no matter if it works in actual combat. i think it doesn’t but nonetheless, the training and demonstrations are a beauty to watch.

  8. Wow! If i ever go to the United states i have to visit this dojo!

    Peace and love from a swedish aikidoka!

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