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  1. it takes skill to make it look as easy as it is – akidos philosophy is to use the opponents aggression against them.. a defensive counter attack will always dominate an offensive strike(no matter how big or ‘strong’ you are)

  2. Hauska ja näyttävä video. Muutamia huomioita tekniikasta: Yokomen uchi voimaton lääpäisy eikä tullut kertaakaan keskeltä, ukea olisi voinut kajauttaa suoraan nenukkiin. Erittäin paha virhe. Asetekniikoissa tämä vartalotekniikassa näkyvä virhe luonnollisesti korostui, aseiden kanssa puuhastelu oli luvalla sanoen voimatonta ja onnetonta huitelua. Muuten ihan hupaisa ja hyvin tehty video.

  3. The point whit aikido is that anyway how strong your opponent is you will be able to use his own power against him. And if you don’t manage to turn his wrist or arm (it’s rarely), use a fool punch and stop about an inch of his face.

  4. Whoaa!! @ 1:46..

    I have never seen that get up move, might have to learn it..looks so cool!

  5. why would you want to stop with the punch if the opponent was trying to hurt you? You will probably wind up breaking his wrist or arm anyway. (Not everone know how to flow with the throw). Injury is ineviatable with the punch or the throw/subduing or both. 🙂

  6. Love and protect your attacker. He will get over his 2-3 minutes of anger if you are able to make him hit the floor enough times.Defeated,

  7. you can actually hit him with atemi. you don’t have to stop. O’sensei used to teach alot of atemi waza.

  8. Because most of the art is about breaking balance keeping the opponent a halfstep beyond his centre of balance.

  9. Wisdom of the Arts and where it started from is one can train together. But each style fix to a person that trains well for the path of wisdom . Not only fighting is all ways needed. But it comes with all other grant years of training. Ones wisdom is to need to know.

  10. Hey that’s nice, next you should take an even older and more respected art form and play “Baby got Back” over the top

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