24 thoughts on “Arashi Dojo-Shodokan Aikido-Brasil.”

  1. Yes because they are both forms of jujutsu. A combat based aikido is probably closer to the old jujutsu ryus of old Japan that were actually used in war – where you had to worry about weapons. Another bastardization is Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu that is almost purely groundwork and useful only in competition or one-on-one unarmed combat.

  2. O mal da ignorância é que vai adquirindo confiança à medida que se prolonga…

    Procure conhecer um pouco mais sobre o Shodokan Aikido.

  3. It actually looks like JUDO more than Aikido, except this looks like a sloppy attempt of it.

    No offence.

  4. I think they dislike the fact that it’s been proven to be effective, and destroyed the old, “doesn’t matter how good he is at grappling, I will just knock him out before he gets into a clinch” mantra.

  5. LOL. Nice argument.
    Mas cada um tem sua filosofia, não se esqueça disso.

    Faço Shodokan e sou da Arsa Rio. Gostei. ^^

  6. to imaginando um
    ude gaeshi pra cima deaquel espelho “pequeno” eahueah XD~~

    Arsa \o/

  7. Besides childish grudges though, the whole BJJ is the ultimate martial art propaganda gets some people pissed, me included. I admire it for being extremely effective and you can’t get delusions of deadlyness like in other martial arts since you get tested all the time, but a friend of mine insisted that getting on the ground in a real fight was not a bad idea. About half a year ago one of the guys he practiced with got in a fight where a knife came out on the ground. He’s glad he survived.

  8. These guys look like they’re actually training with some resistance. That’s why it doesn’t look like the dance-like flowing of staged aikido demonstrations. Leave it to Brazilians to adapt a Japanese martial art to make it effective in a streetfight. =D

  9. but i saw shodokan aikido spar by having one with a tanto the other defending this confusing

  10. They are related so of course you will see simularitys. It looks like sloppy judo maybe because of lack of understanding. In aikido randori you cant grab the gi like in judo. Plus its not the best randori ive seen granted. But it is aikido. Remember when you have two people that are skilled its not look all pretty. We know how to get out or things, counter ect. Not run in like a darlik like you often see in traditional. Comited but not over commited. Then its no so easy to throw a skilled man.

  11. You can’t grab the gi like in Judo? Then what am I seeing in this video?

    Sloppy Judo. If you wanted to do grappling of this sort then why not just do Judo?

  12. I didnt say you cant grab the gi in judo. I said you cant grab the gi like in judo. Meaning in judo you can grab the gi in aikido you cant and in this vido there is no gi grabbing. As i said judo and aikido are related. One big difference being distance. Judo is fine up close but with aikido distance its no going to get you anywhere. A good ground in both is a good thing. There are also other things you can do here that are forbidden in judo randori. Try to understand not just dismiss.

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