Best self defense martial art for women and children?

My young children and I would like to learn a martial art for self defense. What is the best martial art for this?

If there are no martial art classes in my area, does anyone know any step-by-step instructions on line somewhere?

We just need to learn how to get out of a bad situation fast if we have to.

Thanks for your suggestions.

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3 thoughts on “Best self defense martial art for women and children?”

  1. Wing Chun is a Chinese martial art system that was actually invented by a woman (Shaolin nun Ng Mei). It is predominantly a self defence art, is easy to learn the basics, doesn’t rely on size or brute strength. It is based around natural body movements and embraces ideas like economy of movement and redirecting force to make it effective. Google Wing Chun in your country for a list of reputable schools. Good Luck

  2. Wing Chun is indeed an excellent martial art. I have had close friends who did it. Find a school and watch some classes and give it your best shot. Don’t waste your time trying to teach yourself from books, videos or online… It is never the same as being in a real class where you practise with real live people of different heights and body shapes. And if you cannot find any Wing Chun, you may find a Judo or a Jujitsu school in your area. (Try the YMCAs and so on.) All the best!

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