Condition the Body For Kung Fu or Karate

How do you condition the body for Kung Fu or Karate? It’s not difficult, but it’s like a diet. If it’s going to work, you have to change your whole lifestyle and stick at it.

First, you’ve got to be loose and supple for any martial art. That’s how you condition your body for kung fu or karate.

And you need to be fit, so you don’t get puffed out too quickly.

You want some strength, but not as much as most people would imagine. It’s your speed and skill which will make the difference.

Being strong as an ox doesn’t count for much if your opponent can dance rings around you and keep smashing you with impunity.

And that killer punch you’ve got won’t do much good if you can’t land it properly.

To condition the body for any martial art or sport you will need, first and foremost, to be fit. This means regular aerobic exercise, like walking, climbing stairs, jogging or even just using a skipping (jump) rope.

Swimming is also a fantastic exercise, if you have a pool of beach handy.

Whatever martial arts style you learn, be it Kung Fu, Karate, Aikido or anything else, there’ll be a series of stretches and warm-up exercises you must learn.

Make the exercise routines yours! Do them every single day, preferably last thing at night or first thing in the morning. And if you have katas you can do on your own – or with a friend – don’t forget to run through these regularly as well. Doing your katas often refreshes your memory of them and keeps your movements more effective if you need to put them into practice.

You can do sit ups and push ups to strengthen your abdominal muscles. This gives you a sexier “six pack” and gives you more protection when you cop a punch or a kick in that area.

Lastly, you have to eat sensibly – like any athlete. Talk to your doctor and maybe visit a dietician. Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, and eat the whole thing (not just the juice). This helps condition you on the inside as well.

And if you’re really serious about looking after your body, you won’t smoke ever. And you’ll drink alcohol very little, if at all. That’s how the consistent  winners manage it.

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