Deadly Aikido

I,ve been sick of certain people dissin aikido so I made this Now I don’t do aikido but I respect It Wow, 104000 views this video is doing better than I Thought and make sure to check out my channel and view my “Deadly” series! Oh and rude comments will be removed!

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25 thoughts on “Deadly Aikido”

  1. the bit at 5:40 with Gozo Shioda seems a bit like bullcrap. Especially when he flicks them or something so they do some flips.

  2. Ive only been training in Aikido since 1973 but I realized that Aikido as taught by the 1st and 2nd Doshu were never meant to be combat effective. Kisshomaru doesnt feel a need to have effective atemi like his grandfather. Can Aiki be combat effective?, sure if one trains for that, but to expect any attacker to maintain contact, especially wrist grabs when they’already lost their balance or initiative, think again.

  3. aikido isnt a deadly martial arts. just learn to defend and stop the enemy. sure if u r crazy using aikido i can kill someone easly but aikido is just for defend. 1 month ago i started aikido with two friends :D. is cool and very hard.PEACE

  4. @cyberkotatsu I agree completly i do Aikido and Tae Kwon Do. All the time people challenge its theory

  5. @richi333 The reason the attacker attacks like that is to protect his elbow for 1 and wrist for 2. A realpunch will be easly broken

  6. @Gamerforever1 Aikido is deadly once you train more. I know in one of the techniques i almost died. i landed wrong an displaced my spian magerly i could be crippled but i am good.It may seem not deadly because you know how to roll out of it properly and land properly. In a real fight most people wont land properly because they dont know. they end up breaking something . but its nice you are learning it

  7. @cyberkotatsu its not JUST america. there are mcdojos all over the world, even in the founding countries of individual styles of martial arts. sad to say that it is VERY hard to find legit teachers who aren’t in it for the money.

  8. @taskilanep a real punch is easier to be broken cause a real punch has not any cover…f.e a kick boxer will use the one hand to protect the face,and the other to punch..the hand that punches is used from the aikidoka so that the kick boxer loses its balance to throw him down..also a real punch is like a stab with a knife which is also trained in dojos..tski or h/e is wrtten….. xD

  9. I respect this martial art because it really is a martial art designed to protect and build up individuals spiritual strength

  10. @anbu022809 that is very true and well said i have been doing aikido for 8 years and i live in a rough area where people are knownn to carry knives and i have disarmed someone when they had a knife up to my throat 🙂

  11. @richi333 that because in mma most fighters no 2-3 different martial arts and uses all of them at once and like all martial art they have a opposite which was used to fight that one style and also it is made for real fighting because i seen in person some one having to use it in a fight to protect his self

  12. I have always thought Akido was pretty cool, I really should get out and learn some martial art..not only for self defense but to get back into shape dammit! Are the “clothsline” attack that you see guys like Seagal use in the movies in Akido or is that made up? Also for all those saying this wouldn’t be useful in a street I said I am not expert but any of those locks look like it could be easily followed by breaking the limb…that seems pretty effective no?

  13. @cyberkotatsu unfortunately people want to achieve things thrhough their useless personalities and pride and share luck.. yes they bet on luck .. just to show on the outer charade that they have attained their abilities with effort.
    the fact is and i quote something i learned from a wise guy a rich guy who said “people want to just have the fruits of effort they are not willing to do the self discipline that comes before it”

  14. @mission762008 The “clothesline” technique you are referring to is called Irimi Nage or Entering Throw. The founder called it the Twenty Year Throw because of the difficulty of mastering it. It is not really a clothesline, it is lifting and redirecting the attackers forward momentum. I was doubtful I would ever use it right through my second year in Aikido. It actually became the first tech I DID use in real life.

  15. For the love of PETE! How many of you internet warriors who are saying things like, “This doesn’t work in a street fight,” have ever BEEN in a street fight??? You would much rather dis others from the safety of a screenname. Well that’s cool. Those of us who know better can continue REAL life practice and you can continue to, well, whatever.

  16. Yes. Irimi Nage is a useful movement found pretty much in everything from classical jits throught to crappy TKD kata. It is NOT a ‘Twenty Year Throw’ If you ever hear this, you are in the presence of someone who has swallowed thier New Age Junk hook line and sinker. I, and many others, could show you practical concepts in five minutes that would improve your Irimi Nage many times over, and much more then 20 years New Age speculation. Do NOT listen to this ‘Twenty Years’ kind of crap. Sorry Deke.

  17. The guy throwing the other guy around around the 2 minute mark, is Steven Seagal if I am not mistaken.

  18. @blacksashman Actually it’s not found in classical jujutsu. There are several precursor techniques found in classical jujutsu which in Aikido are practiced under the umbrella of “irimi nage” but the full irimi nage is unique to Aikido. And it is called the twenty year technique because that’s how long it took O-Sensei to create it from the precursor forms.

  19. Hey ass holes! Sorry about that..wanna see how aikido do against Karate and MMA?
    Its no demonstration its a real test to how effective aikido really is. Watch:

    That should clear things up. =)

  20. Noone said skill doesn’t take time. This ‘twenty year’ nonsense is dangling a rotten carrot 200 yards infront of the donkey. Do not be fooled.

  21. make no mistake aikido is dangeros. the guys might be falling acrobatically but if they dont then they face breaking the wrist, elbows and shoulders. its a very effective and dangerous

  22. I’ve been in my far share of scraps on the street & hav a twin bro who used to beat the crap out of me (he once got into a bar fight in Bougainville – Papua New Ghinni,they’re all hard men,life long gorilla solders & the bar was full of them,he walked out of that bar virtually unscathed)
    Anyway,I hav a small Aikido friend who,at that time,had never been in a fight & he very quickly had me by the arm,leading me around like a dog
    Very degrading & yet funny experience
    The soft Arts r harder to read

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