Disarm an Attacker with a Handgun

www.bojuka.ca Self defense against an assailant armed with a hand gun. Learn how to grab the a hand gun away and escape. Turn the gun on your attacker. http www.bojuka.com

Gedanate says: A nice, quick and simple demo of a gun disarm. Looks good to me. Nothing overly-complicated. Practical unarmed self defense move to get the handgun and neutralize the threat from your attacker.

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20 thoughts on “Disarm an Attacker with a Handgun”

  1. I believe the real problem is that an armed robber would have both hands on the gun and a heavier grip on it so this technique would probably fail… is there any counter to this situation?

  2. This technique is effective for one-handed and two-handed grips. If by chance the assailant maintains a grip on the weapon, you are still out of the path of danger and can execute strikes. Maintain control over the muzzle direction and execute a rear leg front kick to the most available knee. This will incapacitate the aggressor and cause him to release his grip. Train hard and stay safe! 🙂

  3. smart ass threw an airsoft gun n my face thinking he was funny n frnt of the crowd, i disarmed him and disabled his weapon,dat vid is kik ass cheers

  4. Not taking anything away from the instructor, but I can see a smack on the wrist incurring an instinctive squeeze of the trigger, especially if you’re popping the firearm upward from the grip of the assailant.

  5. A discharge is possible. Make sure that the muzzle is directed upward and away to limit risk to yourself and others in the area.

  6. Mr. “Bojuka”
    You have very good methods for getting
    yourself killed,
    1. You never grab the guy in the way you
    did cause he will resist you and point his
    rist to you and shoot at you,
    2. When you step off the line of fire you secure the attackers hands and take him off balance so he wont point the gun at you again, your “Way”wont work in life
    Don’t post fake videos cause people might think its the right way then end up dead, (I’m an ex Israeli special forces guy)
    I know what im saying

  7. i wouldnt care.. if the guy put a gun in my face im curb stomping the piss outta him!

  8. You’d better know what type of weapon you are grabbing first. If you don’t know where the safety is located, it could cost valuable time figuring it out.

  9. this technique probably might be hard to execute. it is better to push the assailant’s arm in the opposite direction and go for a wrist lock to make him drop the gun. kick the gun away and take him to the ground

  10. I got a working trick, I never leave home without a crowbar so in my case, pull it out and bash em with it, take out the gun arm, depending on how hard you hit em, you could do 1 of 2 things: fracture the arm or shatter the bone in the arm completely, it disables and disarms em.

  11. Moving offline (like above) and execution of a grab and redirect I like, but another option is to turn it against the weapon hand (torque to the right for a righty & left for a lefty) and taking him down into a lock with the weapon pointed at him. This way he is still holding the weapon, but loses control of the weapon and that hand. If he pulls the trigger, he risks shooting himself and since you’re offline, the limb is isolated. There is also an optional finger break in there.

  12. Incidentally…

    The technique I just described is effective in the event that he won’t let go of the weapon. If he let’s go, you’ve pretty much accomplished the disarm.

  13. a friend of mine recently came across a similiar situation, the gun struggle was much more than you show, and my friend shot the guy after retrieving the gun into his thigh, aiming for the knee area. My friend who was the victim but did fire the shot to try to incopacitate the man as he feared for his life……….My friend is now in custody awaiting his court date…. I don’t know alot of the details as I have not been able to speak to my friend but how does that pan out?

  14. I honestly would flee the scene if i had done what u demonstrated in this video, I would not want to risk getting in trouble with the authorities. I know it means that it keeps another criminal on the streets but i would rather keep myself out of jail for any period of time. You never know how people see stuff, even eye witnesses.

  15. if you hit the gun from the left and the behind of the wrist with the right REALLY hard you break the wrist

  16. my best friend watched this video and the guy shot him in the face twice before he even got a chance to move away , like they most have training videos on how to squeeze the trigger faster cuz its your fault for teaching such a peice of shit method

  17. if i was robbing someone i’d tell them to get down on their face first thing. . .

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