Four Winds Aikido 合気道Topeka ,Kansas April 16th 2010

Four Winds Aikido 合気道Topeka ,Kansas April 16th 2010 1.Keep one point 2.Relax Completely 3.Keep Weight underside 4.Extend Ki New Video of Zak’s Blue belt test soon! Great job Zak!

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19 thoughts on “Four Winds Aikido 合気道Topeka ,Kansas April 16th 2010”

  1. I can never get tired of watching these techniques . And with slowmotion , it is even better and even more enjoyable to watch since i can learn a thing or two . Thank you for sharing !

  2. Some really nice techniques there and the slow motion is a great help now as well. With the slow motion it’s easier to fully understand and see clearly every movement. Nice video, hope lifes going well.

  3. Excellent video Lara Sensei 5 stars/thumbs up. Nice to see your videos back up again.

  4. Thanks 1rishShaman. Glad the slow mo helps. Life is going well. How about you bro?

  5. Thank you Sensei Rick. Glad to be back posting again. I had to take a break! lol Peace my friend!

  6. Hey Ya, from montana i should be in Kansas this summer to see some friends and other things. I could stop by if i knew where your DoJo is ….send message if you can..

  7. Thanks bouncingboredom. Great to be posting again. I hope you are well my friend. Peace!

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