Hapkido Techniques by an 8th-Degree Master

Hapkido techniques demonstrated by Master Shin, an 8th-degree black belt.

Gedanate’s comment: An excellent training video showing a variety of hapkido techniques step by step. These Hap Ki do techniques look identical to many standard defensive and offensive moves used in Aikido, Judo and Jujitsu. You will see a hip throw, a shoulder throw, arm bar, several kotegaeshi-type wrist throws. (I do not know the Korean name for them.) I highly recommend this clip to anyone studying martial arts and self defense. You have a master (teacher of teachers) showing you how the techniques work. That is fantastic. But always remember, watching a video is no substitute for being in a live class with a qualified teacher. Thumbs-up!

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11 thoughts on “Hapkido Techniques by an 8th-Degree Master”

  1. But the first practitioner of aikijujitsu in Japanese records is known for his reference to Korea through his surname. What say to this?

  2. His surname? Reference to Korea??? Do you mean aikijujitsu derived from Korea? What you insist is ‘Koreating’ History and origine. Typical lie made up in Korea.

    IF there were “ancient Korean martial arts”, name groups, scrolls, famous battles, ancient masters, majour techniqs.
    Don’t say Japan destroyed everything. Imagine, Judo could be destroyed by someone if Japan had been ruled for 35years? Never!

  3. Martial Arts? Alright.

    Judo(from diversity of Jujutu)
    Kyudo(from diversity of Kyujutu)
    Kendo(from diversity of Kenjutu)
    Iaido(from diversity of Iaijutu/Battojutu)
    Karatedo(from Okinawan Tei derived from China ages ago)

    Are you surtisfied with the information? If you are interested in those, there are lots of groups and masters you can learn. Come to Japan!

  4. blueprophet9, Sushi is Korean too? You are sick.

    The fact is fact blueprophet9. Hapkido is just a Korean Pronounciation of Japanese Aikido(合気道). Korean added Karate kick onto basic skill of Aikido, and suddenly insists it’s Korean. They are sick.

  5. Kid, Liar is Liar. I hope One day you feel shame about yourself, when you remember insisting Every Japanese thing, which sounds cool, is Korean!

    I suggest you go to enjoykorea/enjoyJapan webcite and ask if your OPINION is true or false. No Koreans will support you…

  6. Guys, guys… This really is a good video of Korean Hapkido. It has a lot of stuff, all of it from a skilled Master. You can learn from it, really, or you can argue away at the origins of the martial arts. Sure, you can see similar stuff in many other martial arts. It is good self-defense technique.

    I think that arguing is pointless. Who care’s a rat’s arse (an Aussie expression) who invented what, really. Either you can do the stuff or you can’t. And if you can, then you don’t need to argue about it, do you?


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