How to overcome fear during an attack

A reader recently asked me, How can I train to be mentally prepared and avoid panicking if I get attacked?

He said, David, I am scared I will betray my nervousness to an aggressor.

How can I prevent this from happening?

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One thought on “How to overcome fear during an attack”

  1. the best thing you can do to conquer your fears is to train regularly at your chosen martial art or style of self-defense.

    When an attack comes without warning, you have to be able to switch on your self defense skills without having to think about them first. Worrying about what to do next will get you hurt or even killed if you are dealing with, an attacker who is hell-bent on creating serious damage to you.

    If your attacker challenges or threatens you first, this is termed social violence. The guy is trying to prove he is tougher than you… the alpha male, the biggest swinging Dick. You know that stuff. You first experienced it in the school playground, and in adulthood isn’t really any different.

    You can always walk away, or talk your way out of social violence. And if you get into a fight in such a situation, then you are choosing to fight. That’s your decision, and you will have to lump the consequences.

    A lot of brash young men in Australia, where I live, find themselves charged with murder or manslaughter after they punched out somebody in a brawl. And then the guy fell and cracked his skull on the pavement.

    You never, ever fight, even to defend your self, unless there was absolutely no other option. Like when you know, your attacker intends to kill or seriously injure you. There is no verbal communication at all.

    That is what self defense guru, Mr. Tim Larkin, defines as asocial violence.
    Asocial violence is what happens in a prison riot, when men with shanks lay into each other with nothing on their mind but to kill.

    In that kind of situation, you have no choice. You have to do to defend yourself, using every skill you have, and hope that you are one of the guys left standing when it’s over.

    Your self defense skills should only ever be used when you have no other choice. Anything else is dueling… a fight, mano-a-mano you have chosen to take part in. I hope you understand that.

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