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  1. Ok I have to admit i don’t totally understand what your saying and i probably should have said Gung fu rather than kung fu. *bow*

  2. @ilikewhereilive *bow* To attempt to clarify. The term “martial art” is an umbrella term that encompasses codified fighting systems across the world. The chinese did not invent the martial arts but they did create many styles that fall under the umbrella term of martial art like ( Wing Chung etc…). The term Kung Fu is used to describe a person’s effort toward mastrey of a style or art and can be applied to other non fighting arts ( food, painting etc..) Kung Fu is not a martial art.

  3. @ilikewhereilive Okinawa did not invent the martial arts but they did create the term Karate that falls under the umbrella of martial arts and is traced directly to Okinawa. Under the term Karate there are many Okinawan styles. It is accurate to say that Okinawa was the birth place of karate.

  4. tay is spelled just like it is in karate. kara means empty and te means hand. karate – empty hand. just thought i help you out cuz thats how i use to spell it too lol.

  5. I wish I could learn from those masters.
    I practice Shorin Ryu Shorinkan, but be in Naha is just great.
    Ojalas ubieran mas academias de estilos tradicionales en Chile.

  6. bahahhaha, this martial arts is reidiculous its funny how ppl that make documentries are given a video or show a technique and they dont realise its either really shit and looks good or they are being fooled to make it look really good and make intense video;s ahah like that paper breaking thing, its bullshit people, all u have to do is flick u wrist forward and it creates tension on the paper which makes it rip please who ever made this, u are a fuck head

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  8. oO {I am the man wit fastest hands on earth view example on my page (i will beat kimbo slice any day! )Oo

  9. Rmurp61 you’re funny… do you know anything about science? THERE IS NO TENSION… the paper hangs loose in the air… Have you ever seen and/or tried this?

    So please… If you know nothing – just be silent, ok? 🙂

  10. Karate is also my fighting style I’m only one away from black. I mostly have speed on my side. I agree with you drmark10 I heard jakie chan quote that before

  11. Ale Mistrz go tam Dopadł, co za siła i dynamika!
    A Drugi Mistrz odbił i odrzucił jak szmacianą lalkę…

  12. i’m going to karate as well. i love it wanna become very strong and powerfull an try to master the sport.

  13. Martial Arts may be a form of brute strength, but in our Chinese Martial Arts system, it includes many ideals and philosophies in Martial Arts, which is also compassion to help others. This is what you Japanese will never understand because you use this strength and change it into brutal power to terrorize others, that is why you are not fit to learn Chinese Martial Arts. Ip Man

  14. @wlaux9 sorry for my bad english, but u are saying bullshits. Karate is technique, speed, correct breath and callus. There is no best martial art, but best martial artists (fighters). Just because in karate there is callus and stength that doesn’t means that hasn’t technique. If you think that Karate is just strenght, so why we do Kata, Kihon and train ours to correct little details? Coz we need technique too. You don’t know about karate technique, it’s a very complex martial art.

  15. @wlaux9 …and don’t be racist, please. Just because the old japanese government was violent it doesn’t means that karate and japaneses are violent. The philosophy of Karate is very peaceful and inteligent.

  16. @wlaux9 Pull your head out of the 1930s and 40s, you’re going to have to get along with each other

  17. @wlaux9 Maybe you are the expert on the field? nobody care about Ip Man fair tale!
    you one idiot dumbass!

  18. i take okinawan karate, shohei ryu, it is an awesome style, no flash all technique

  19. Very interesting video.

    In regards to one of the other posters comments that Karate is a form of brute strength , You are not correct. I real martial artist doesn’t need much strength . Especially when using the other person’s strengths and weaknesses against them. Most times comes down to who’s thinking, not strength.

  20. karate is a way to dodge peoples punches and counter attacks. cause people fight like how do i say it

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