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  1. Really kool πŸ˜€
    I dont know about karate being the deadliest martial art, well, actually i dont think it is, most of the martial arts out there have the same filosofy, one hit, one kill. But it is consider one of the most dangerous martial arts in the world, being kung fu the number one.
    The screaming althouth funny, u can find in almost every martial art, when u scream it helps releasing ur full force. A real fight its not always like this, it is hardly like this if ur not really…

  2. …good at the art of karate or any other fighting style. Ive seen lots of excelent fighters in bad situations and it was pretty tuff :/ not always this clean, but most of the time really bad for the one whos getting kicked.

    Just something i had to say ^_^’
    I do Karate Shotokan for some years now and everything i said was either learned from my senseis or researched.

    Sorry about any english mistake, im portuguese.

  3. the thing i dont like about karate too many kicks no punching like i like the kicks but i want to see punching same with kung fu

  4. I can’t watch a single martial arts video without seeing idiots arguing about which martial art is the best, how good they are, how fake the video was, or what the guys in the video did wrong.

    How about we try something new kids…Unless you can do better, and have a video response to prove it, SHUT THE HELL UP

  5. Karate too many kicks? You clearly know nothing about karate mate. Please dont make comments on it.

  6. @Zacfabbian you obviously dont know karate. Karate does both kicks and punches. I do not understand where you got lots of kicks from. Even though we do kicks we do an equal amount of punches and in my experience mostly punches.

  7. @ItheSwick I hear you and I understand your frusturation. However, don’t dismiss all “arguments” as a way to demean someone. Yes most of the time its people flaming about which style is better and so forth, but discussing about what a martial artist did wrong is not necessarily a bad thing, people can use that as a pointer or a way to improve themselves. We martial artists are not all irrational as you may think we are. We just get caught in the moment and can’t help being prideful.

  8. This is just a demo of techniques. I’ve trained in martial arts for over 30 years, taught for over 10 of them and have expeience of karate, kickboxing, boxing and kung fu. No technique is any good unless the exponent can perform it in a real situation. To train for this you need to have real combat experience as well as practice in the dojo, i.e. some type of full conatct competition experience.

  9. Stobbsy01. I respect you as a fellow martial artist and sensei. I agree with some of what you have said. However, you definition of ‘real combat situation’ is not quite accurate. Whilst full contact competitons do teach you something it is still sport. Perhaps unarmed combat experience outside a ring will give you an even better answer as to how effective you are as a martial artist. kindest regards.

  10. @MrKarateBlood yes karate is mostly punches and its perfect contrast to my martial art taekwondo.i know because i have also studied shotokan for a few months i quit after yellow belt bcoz i think i dont need shotokan my tkd is good enough

  11. Great kicks! They seem very strong and accurate. πŸ™‚

    I’m a rookie myself, and I’m stuck at white belt, but I’ll surely get the red belt soon! Graduation in about a month or so, and my instructors are pretty confident. Besides, I’ve only been studying Karate since Christmas, one class (1,5 hours) a week, excluding holidays, so I’m very proud of myself. πŸ™‚

  12. Relax guy it’s a demonstration…to show what martial arts is capable of
    i agree with itheswick….

  13. Nice techniques, good control of ones own body, power, focus and balance = ( 8.0 – 9.0 ) 8.75

  14. I agree with ItheSwick… I believe its the martial artist that stands out, and NOT the martial art itself.

  15. Wow this is BS….If me and 2 of my boys jumped him we would have beat his ass……..

  16. @97rico No matter how great their marketing is no shaolin monks have ever won any MMA belts. Karate fighters have.

  17. This is a very nicely done demonstration of traditional Karate or Karate-do. (The second has a spiritual side as well as the physical.) It is not a fight. It is being done very carefully to ensure that there are no injuries through someone’s accidental slip-up or mis-timed strike. There is a nice balance of karate kicks and punches and some excellent trips and throws that wound not be out of place in a Judo or Jujitsu dojo. This sensei is good. Great focus, awareness (zanchen), distance (mai-ai), timing, balance and co-ordination. You can see the power in his strikes, yet he pulls them perfectly and no-one gets hurt. In my humble opinion, for I am not a karateka, I would still give it 10 out of 10.

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