Karate Kid Movie “Too Violent” For Children To See?

Australian film censors have decide that the new Jackie Chan kung-fu version of the Karate Kid movie is too violent for children to watch.

The vice president of the Australian Council on Children and the Media, Elizabeth Handsley, says the film contains “brutal violence” carried out by kids on other children and is likely to be copied by young viewers.

While it may seem a bit wowserish of the lady, I am actually inclined to agree. For I remember back in the late 1980s when my kids were very young we stopped taking them to training. (Both my ex-wife and I were instructing Aikido classes back then). But we found our young twins would try and copy the moves we did on the mat and do these techniques on each other without any understanding of the dangers. So we stopped bringing them along with us.

I think staged violence — even by pro wrestlers — is dangerous stuff for kids to try and copy. For while the actors are superb technicians and athletes, they are only pretending to injure each other. The noise of “stompings” is made by the other foot jumping on the canvas, not the pulled kick that stops short of actually creating injury.

Do those things for real and someone will go to hospital; or the morgue … and the other to jail.

Now I love Jackie Chan and his movies, but I am an adult and I know only too well the difference between real violence and Hollywood (or Kung Fu movie) fantasy. But I do prefer the old Karate Kid movie where the lessons began with discipline and low key.

What do you think? Comments are welcome, especially from parents and martial arts teachers…

Reference: http://www.abc.net.au/news/stories/2010/06/27/2938210.htm?section=justin

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