Karate Bloopers

Karate is a dangerous sport… especially when these athletic sportsmen (and women) try and fail.

This video is an enjoyable compilation of things that can go wrong when you try to put your best foot forwards.

Gedanate’s Warning! Laughing too much can be bad for your zanchen! 😉


25 thoughts on “Karate Bloopers”

  1. Yup. I’m a brown belt(almost black), and I’ve messed up countless times, and seen people mess up even more.

  2. The part with the guy hitting himself in the crotch with the nunchukas is really dumb though. I have yet to see someone seriously do that.

  3. That was sooooo funny when kid kicked the judge, wait does that mean I’m a bad person?

  4. I saw the title of this video and was going to slate it, saying karate is a martial art and NOT a sport, but I see the point now. 😛

    This is a hilarious video!

  5. Actually, we do use nunchaku in Karate, regardless of their origin, which is probably agricultural.

  6. what the hell is this, i study karate i never karate get mocked like this, clearly these karate students in this video are poorly train, but its still funny tho but yeah they so poorly train lol

  7. Since when is there buchaku in karate?Karate means “empty hand” you know…besides I train karate and we never use weapons.And the conclusion in this video it:If you’re not completely stretched/warmed up,or you have a poor aim,NEVER try breaking stuff ;d

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