Pressure Point Fighting – There Is No Magic Bullet

Every day I see people come to my self-defense blog looking for a secret fighting technique, such as pressure point fighting, that they believe will protect them from attack.

Not only must this supposed secret knowledge work like the silver bullet that kills a werewolf, these secret fighting techniques also have to turn these people into invincible fighters overnight.

All with no work, no sweat and tears, no effort at all — apart from clicking their mouse a few times to arrive at that special web page that reveals all…

That’s like wanting to lose weight without a diet plan or hoping for six pack abs without any exercise. And all I can say to that belief and attitude is, dream on! And best of luck to you.

Certainly, the human body has vulnerable points which can cause serious damage when struck correctly. But these are not magic buttons. They have to be hit, kicked, or slammed into accurately and most times very hard… because usually you have to crush or break something in your opponent’s body to stop him (or her) being able to attack you any more.

You’ve got to break their bionic machine (their body), or you have to shut down the brain that controls it. And that is nasty stuff.

Most martial arts try to lead you away from that nasty stuff that is never allowed in contests and competitions. Yet these dirty fighting techniques are what successful street fighters and muggers use all the time, because they work. The downside of these techniques is that they maim and kill, and so if you are caught using them without a very good reason (such as you were fighting for your life or to prevent a rape), you will go to jail for felonious assault or what we call ‘assault occasioning grevous bodily harm‘ in the United Kingdom or Australia. It is more commonly referred to as just GBH.

But if you’re in jail for GBH, you’ll probably be okay. Criminals understand violence. It is a tool most of them know how to use effectively, even though they never trained for months or years in a dojo or a gym to perfect their martial arts techniques. If you are lucky, and if you keep your head down and avoid upsetting the wrong people, they might just leave you alone. Best of luck, anyhow.

What I am trying to say here is that there is no magic bullet to give you foolproof self defense. You either study hard for years perfecting martial arts techniques, many of which you will probably forget in the heat of the moment. Or you learn to defend yourself brutally and effectively with a few simple self-defense or unarmed combat moves that work to put the other guy (or guys) out of action, maybe even permanently. There isn’t much middle ground to play with. So choose your defensive system well. Your life may depend on it.

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2 thoughts on “Pressure Point Fighting – There Is No Magic Bullet”

  1. Your quite right about the fact, that theres no easy way to become martial effective. But there is other ways to apply pressure point attacks than to hit really hard.

    You may have heard about Kyusho International. If not, I would recommend searching for Evan Pantazi or Tony Kauhanen. These guys apply pressure point attacks extremely softly, and YouTube has a couple of demos.

    The soft application has the benefit that it does not break the bones of the opponent, but overloads the neural system, which causes the opponent to faint. Very effective, but very difficult to learn though. But it can basically be implemented in every other martial system. :o)

    1. Thanks for your opinion Simon. Have you ever had to defend yourself for real, or tried to be soft and gentle against a violent attack? What is your actual martial arts experience, and experience of a real attack on the street?

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