Self-Defense Is About Surviving Violence

Self Defense is about surviving violence and being able to walk home afterwards. It is about defending yourself successfully. It has nothing whatsoever to do with martial arts and styles.

Self defense ia about keeping you out of hospital or the morgue. And if you can walk away from a fight or a challenge, you should do so… even if you ‘lose face’ socially by appearing to be a coward. That’s the best online self defense training you’ll ever get!

Yes, all martial arts all have some self-defense ability built in. But that’s no guarantee you can use those skills as effective self-defense. Some can. Some can’t. Or it might take many years to become skilled enough to be able to protect yourself effectively.

Let that sink into your head as part of your self defense education…

Whatever the history of martial arts, many get bogged-down in doing things exactly their way, which might seem fine. But some schools are so hung up on their way that they have forgotten what works and what doesn’t.

Self defense is doing whatever it takes to get out of a bad situation alive and, hopefully, unhurt.

Self defense is not about buying fancy clothing to train in, or learning to do great-looking moves like spinning jump-kicks. That’s martial arts and even among martial artists, such techniques for exhibitions and movies. Not for real life.

And having a black belt is no guarantee you can defend yourself when it comes to the real thing. (I don’t mean one that came in a cornflake packet, I mean one you had to work hard for for several years.)

Self Defense isn’t about your fists or feet. Self Defense about how your brain reacts when you’re threatened with attack and injury.

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