Want to become a Martial Art Fighter or learn self-defense? Visit Learn How to Protect Yourself with Martial Arts ! ALLSTYLE SELF DEFENSE SYSTEM techniques demonstrated by ” EXTREME self – defense TEAM ” CONTACT INFORMATION: MSN; e – mail: FACEBOOK: Nenad Ikras , Zoran Bozic, tags real aikido street fight martial arts kick ass ultimate self defence wepon mma usmc box gun knife krav maga master free clip how to 10 dan nenad ikras Wing Chun Russian Systema Krav Maga Filipino Kali Escrima Brasilian Tai Chi Chuan bodyguard fighting championship security raw blade army boxing steven seagal morihei ueshiba kimbo slice shioda hapkido sport k1 judo karate aiki ju jutsu mortal combat system kendo student gang knockout hits police bruce lee

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26 thoughts on “SELF DEFENSE techniques DEMO”

  1. What arm bar are you talking about, specifically? I always knew that Aikido could be used against bjj takedowns.

  2. “exactly
    this is ju-jitsu with hakamas”

    Correct me if I am wrong but I think you will find that there was Jujutsu with Hakamas before there was Aikido.

  3. Sorry I’ve been practicing aikido for 3 and a half years and that is not aikido, I think is more like a jiu-jitsu or Krav magna style, if you like to see the real aikido go on search and type AIKIDO MONTEREY, see it, thats the real aikido of O’sensei with a real sensei. 😉

  4. You sad well… you have been training ONLY for 3 years!!! So you can’t say anything! Bye!

  5. are you guys using no matts? I love that I try break falls on grass, concrete, granite, and when I’m really drunk with aikido friends I have done falls on gravel stones and into a thornbush once. “Justin Sensei why are there little marks on your back?”

    That’s my drunken aikido, LEGEND OF THE DRUNKEN AIKIDOIST!

  6. This is the old Daito Ryu method..good stuff, but modern Aikido is a differnt esthetic …. perhaps attaching the word Aikido to it is to attract unknowing students….sad really

  7. It’s a pity that there is not more ‘direct’ Aikido on here, instead we have showy, long moves to impress – but then again is that any different that kick-boxing/karate with high-kicks to the head and above?

  8. Aikido its self is all the disipline you need, not to dog mix martial arts is nice but doing so mess up the delivery and time.

  9. It’s very similar to Hankido… a real new style of Aikido!
    I like it… nice performance!!

    ps.: Don’t worry about the critycs… they relly don know shit about Aikido! =)
    Aikido is more then self-defense techniques, its a martial art relly efficient… powerbunZ, its gonna hurt when you get ur ass kicked by Aikido!!!

    Keep training… never stop!!

    Hapkido artist

  10. i think u havent felt the real dynamic of aikido… all shown in this video is a show… buisness… real aikido does not end with a hit in the face… if you know what aikido is..

  11. hey i have been training im mixed martial arts for two years and continue to do so for i while i would love to learn these great techniques for self defense i will continue t watch your demenstrations and i thank you guys

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