Self Defense Techniques : Self defense video: headlock

Learn self defense moves for getting out of a headlock. Expert: Jason Hall Bio: Jason Hall is a professional martial arts instructor who teaches martial arts, tai chi, and self defense classes for men, women and children.

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25 thoughts on “Self Defense Techniques : Self defense video: headlock”

  1. Not sure if a smaller person would be able to that to me. The face grab would only aggrivate the situation, my hand would roll into the neck for a choke if you did that. If an attacker is bold enough to headlock you he is willing to kill you. Punches from weak people do nothing to people who fight a lot or are unscrupulous. I respect your knowledge and skill but think practical application would be different. Thanks … God Bless… Bow…

  2. ok 2 things. first does this guy actully have an academy or teach anywhere and if so where I would be very intrested in taking classes with him. And second bob have some respect dont be an a hole.

  3. I would use a similar technique – except I wouldn’t worry about loosening the choke – I’d use that hand to strike him in the balls. Then the face grab would be almost the same except my fingers would be in his eyes forcing him backwards and down… much more effective than the chin.

  4. the only problem i see with both of these techniques is the fact that if someone has you in a choke, and has their arm under you chin, your done, there is no room for your hand, and if they are behind you, they can pull you towards the ground, thus choking you more, and makin it im possible to strike back, or they could just do the viper

  5. theres lots of ways to get out of this. I’ve done one in one scenario where I punch the knee cap if its a low headlock and grab the knee cap off of its socket. For a high headlock lift both your legs off the floor and slam it down while pulling him over your head. These techniques worked for me a couple of times. I have yet to be in a scenario where I couldn’t get out of it with the two techniques I just mentioned.

  6. in these two situations if yo are a woman you crusch directly your aggressor groin

  7. I never need to worry about chokes..

    in every fight you ever go in…
    you ALWAYS tell your self “keep your head down”

    normally ppl say keep ur head up high

    but u keep it down there wont be a choke happening because your chin will be blocking tht.

    So i keep my chin down as much as possible leaving my opponent restless

  8. showurself thats a great thing to do not only to prevent chokes, its also alot harder to get knocked out with a tucked chin. When its up high, you get hit in the chin the vibrations it will cause will put you out quick. its a great idea, everyone should do it.

  9. i think this guy is good. but the key to his moves are in the way he shifts his weight. you can see the aggressor is affected by way his the weight drops or waist turns. It affects the aggressor’s ability to hold on. i think the move would be a lot harder to do without those elements.

  10. this guy does seem to know what he’s talking about but for the first timer in a fight being loud help yell a bit it throws the aggresser off he dosent know if he should run or fight and always try to get space kick or push once you away from the hold get some room!

  11. it seems to be that another option is to use ur thumbs to gauge the enemy’s eyes while pushing their head back with left hand (moving head changes their balance)

  12. at 0:22 i would have him in a head lock and stick my foward leg thruogh his and drop him on thwe grounf and have his back on my chest and then itd be over so dont listen to this one

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