Self Defense Techniques

Self defense techniques are not the same as martial arts stunts. Self defense moves are about being able to walk home in one piece.

If that means ‘backing down’ from a challenge, or even running away, you should still do it. Self defense techniques are about your survival, they are not your pride. Always run when you can.

You don’t learn self defense so you can hang on to your wallet if that’s all a mugger wants from you. If he’s armed and he only wants your money, give it to him!

If you really want to bet your life that you can overpower him, go ahead and bet your life. But realize that’s exactly what you’re doing. You are betting your life against the value of what is in that wallet.

How much money is in the wallet? Say, fifty dollars. Maybe a couple of hundred bucks…

So what? Would you bet your life for a couple of hundred dollars, or even several thousand dollars?

You can always earn more money if you’re alive and healthy, can’t you? If you are dead or crippled, then it is pretty much ‘game over’. But you’d better understand, this isn’t a game.

Self defense and the techniques you may learn are only about keeping you undamaged and in one piece. No pride, no glory. Self defense is not for rescuing your ego. Self defense is learning and doing stuff so you can stay alive. That’s all.

Self Defense = Survival

Now if you know your attacker is planning to kill you, you must fight. The same applies if you’re up against a rapist. Then you have to fight back, tooth and nail.

Now there are no rules. You have to fight back. Get in close. And you be the one to inflict damage!

Bite his nose, bite and rip his ear.

Knee his groin again and again.You can drop him and make him throw up.

Stab your bunched fingers into his armpit. The area is full of nerves and blood vessels, you can effect a release from his grip or possibly knock him senseless.

Kick his kneecaps and you may break the patella (kneecap). But if you can kick his knee from the outside (forcing it to bend inwards towards the other leg), then you can break his leg and that will end the attack right there.

Stun your attacker with righteous anger! Knock him down. Do damage, so he cannot come after you.

Rake his eyes with your fingers or even destroy his eyeballs with your thumbs.

Punch him in the throat, and the chances are high you will kill him. He will be unable to breathe if you crush his windpipe.

Then run to safety or, better still, walk away swiftly. You are much less likely to trip if you walk than if you run. Just take long, purposeful strides. And know where you are going.

Never flee in a blind panic. Always decide where you are headed and why. Select a destination where you know you can call for help or at the very least be protected by the presence of other people.

If you kill, blind or maim somebody, please realize you will have to answer to the police and expect to face a court of law.  And if they don’t believe your story, you will go to jail.

These dangerous strikes should only be used as a last resort, not to just to defeat some bully.

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