21 thoughts on “Shodokan Aikido Randori no Kata”

  1. Wheres the punching? how would you win a fight without knocking the other guy out! This is just fancy dancing 😀

  2. Aikido (the way of harmony) is not about ‘knocking the other guy out’ it’s about diffusing the opponents attacks without harm.

    And this is a kata to show skill and form not a free fight (randori). It demonstrates the 17 techniques allowed in randori. Embu is a different part of the competition than shai.

    It’s different than wing tsung which is just failing arms 😛

  3. way of harmony phft!! Wing Tsun is self-defence a TRUE art, disable the person as quick as possible, as safely as possible before making a quick get away. Can’t use this dancing in a life-threatening situation the guy will get up again and chase your ass down! 😛

  4. Every martial art has their own characteristic, Aikido is a Kongfu that about joint technique, so u must be have joint if u r a human right! That’s just basic 17 techniques in the clip, and actually lots of techniques developing from that, it’s the way same Wing Tsun and lots of another martial arts.
    u needs try that by urself then u know it’s different with ur thinking.

  5. LOL ha ha nice comment but its my brother in the clip and I’m just saying that to piss him off! But yes I do WT and in the long term it would win.

  6. haha…cant belive i found this..did u put this up alex 😛

    u can just see me in the back throwing tom!

    bring on opens..wheni have to face you 2..again!lol

  7. Ueshiba knocked other guys out. Evidently he had a really strong ridge hand technique If I understand the accounts correctly. What do you do when there’s nowhere to run and the guy doesn’t mind getting thrown? Surely a KO is better than ripping their joints apart! As far as harmony is concerned.

  8. You know what’s funny? I would say the same thing about WT. Just because Bruce Lee did it doesn’t mean it’s not a shitty martial art.

  9. Wahaha… I was only surfing on youtube randomly and saw my good old friends here. See you back in Sheffield. PS Guess who I am. 😛

  10. Very cool i thought….although I was wondering how come they only do techniques from one side and not left and right. Still…very cool.

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