Shodokan Aïkido Satoru TSUCHIYA Sensei 2007

1ère nuit des arts martiaux traditionnels Satoru TSUCHIYA est le représentant en France de l’école Shodokan Aïkido, fondée par Kenji TOMIKI, élève de Jigoro KANO puis de Moriheï UESHIBA. Cette école à la particularité d’avoir introduit un système de compétition en conservant à la fois les principes fondateurs de l’Aïkido et l’esprit moderne du Judo. 27 Octobre 2007

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10 thoughts on “Shodokan Aïkido Satoru TSUCHIYA Sensei 2007”

  1. Impressive. Fluid, efficient and no nonsense techniques, it’s a real pleasure to watch.

  2. Tsushiya sensei is one of my favourite Aikido experts… French guys are very lucky to have him as a teacher, near Paris.

  3. Nariyama-sensei at the Tomiki hombu in Osaka looks like he and this French shihan suckled at the same teat. Exciting. thankyou or rather merci

  4. Satoru is an absolute powerhouse with excellent technic. I trained with him in Paris for 3 years or so(2 kyu)- it was a delight but I moved away and have never seen anyone as good. I stopped aikido but started up Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Bonjour à tous les gars à Epinay sur Seine.

  5. that Gedan-ate at 5:05 is sooo slick! Its my favorite technique and he pulls it off like nothing.

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