12 thoughts on “Shodokan Aikido Student Nationals ’09 Randori”

  1. Thanks a lot for posting these. It is great to see people giving it a go and struggling to bring their practice into a competitive environment such as randoori.

    I am heading to Kyoto in September and this gives me a better idea of what can happen.

    Cheers from Australia


  2. Hi Steadiworkz,

    It is a funny thing to watch like this. Seeing it up close it is very personal and potent. It is fast and furious and requires great referees to make it all work.

    The merit is that in this system no-one gets creamed as the options are limited, people get to practice full on against someone who knows what to expect, it is a sport and requires a decent level of fitness, and most important is that it is a real hoot – a good struggle and good competition.


  3. I can’t see this as a bit of fun in class every now and then, but it seems odd to make it competition.

  4. i think in aikido tournaments there is no winning or losing, its just using ur techniques in a close to real life situation usually involved with knifes and other weapons.

  5. Some of these Students have high grades and yet cannot take down a person striking with a knife? Why is this? Krav Maga is more realistic.

  6. @WittersAkita There are some high grade students, I’m myself in my second belt, I went to nationals last week. The reason they’re taking down is to give the lower grades get the feeling of he competition and help them to gain confidence. But if you see two black belts going against each other, that will look more competitive and you’ll see all the throwing around and stuff.

  7. @PinoyBoy2829 There is winning and losing. If the strikes lands, or the other person does a technique, they will get point

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