Shodokan UK Open 2008

Shodokan Aikido Open Competition Summer 2008. Sheffield EIS, just tried to use the stuff that looked good that people filmed using my camera. Good effort to the Brazilian guys who flew over just for the event.

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13 thoughts on “Shodokan UK Open 2008”

  1. Was great to see you guys. Perhaps I get to try randori with you next time??

    melhor anseio

  2. IT LOOKS PRETTY INTERESTING TO APRECIATE the reactons against a knife attack
    but it seems difficult to disarmn somebody without any strike
    great work

  3. Yeah – achieving any technique is very difficult. The “throwing techniques” for safe competition are softened versions of strikes.For example, at 1min 25, a self defense application of that technique would be a softarm backfist to the nose or neck/collarbone. Similarly, at 4 min 08 – this would be a straight right or palm strike to the jaw/face.

  4. No it’s not. Wrestling is about weight and power. Aikido is about technique and being soft – and that’s why even a 5-feet 45-kg girl (i.e. me) can do aikido.

  5. No strike = no attack, therefor no defense. In this case the attacker is motivated to strike as they can score too, hence opportunity for technique is created.

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